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    Your shopping list is no longer complete without a sackful of the stuff


    What would you say if we told you the key to a healthier body, beautiful skin and less morning sickness was in a piece of fruit? Because that’s the proposition we’re putting to you.

    Secret Saviours have been enlightened on the benefits of drinking water with lemon (and they are huge), thanks to lifestyle blog Complete Health and Wellness.

    • 2 min read
    After helping you dodge a financial bullet with our Which? post, we thought we’d show you where to buy the top 10 useful baby products

    • 3 min read
    Step away from the credit card! New research has revealed a list of products news parents can in fact do without

    Consumer watchdog Which? has revealed that expectant parents could save up to £408 by avoiding 10 unnecessary products.

    • 1 min read
    We had the pleasure of meeting the founder of NappyValleyNet.com. Find out why Susan Hanage set up the website and what she thinks of our Anti Stretch Mark Underwear

    It’s hard out here for a mum. Between finding the best places to take your newborn and where to buy particular products, research can be a fulltime job. 

    That’s why Susan ‘Annabel’ Hanage started NappyValleyNet.com, a south London mums network, six years ago. We met Susan to find out more.

    Following the monumental success of our last pregnancy symptoms post (well, we loved it!), here's the next instalment of myth-busting, advice-packed secrets

    Are you ready for baby’s arrival? We’ll help you tick one more thing off your to-do list with these fabulous creations


    There’s a terrifying myth among parents that says babies just don’t sleep, but that simply cannot be true – can it? (Please God!)

    So, in anticipation of those golden nap times, we’ve rounded up some super-cool cribs for your slumbersome newborn.

    • 3 min read
    Beauty blogger Ysis Lorenna has been singing our favourite song…

    As you know, we’re not averse to blowing our own trumpets here at Secret Saviours. But it’s awfully nice when someone else makes noise.

    That’s why we’re loving a post from beauty blogger Ysis Lorenna extolling the virtues of Secret Saviours’ Bump Support Pack (and why wouldn’t she?).

    We’re back in the headlines – thanks to blogger Martyna Sobol

    She’s done it again! As if a personal blog post wasn’t enough, fashion blogger Martyna Sobol has also written an article for online magazine bodyconfidential.com, mentioning Secret Saviours'Bump Support Pack as a go-to beauty product for pregnancy.

    Struggling with morning sickness? You've come to the right place


    Happy Weekend! This one goes out to all the newly-pregnant women out there suffering from morning/day/night sickness. We hope this quick and easy recipe from *Jason Vale will help. 

    It's worth a shot. (Geddit?)

    * Juice Master Extraordinaire

    • 1 min read