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    Our Dermal Support Technology is available in Bump Bands and Full-Briefs and should be worn daily throughout pregnancy. Our underwear is super soft and comfy to wear, with the added bonus of supporting your bump and back. Accompanied by our Day Gel, which helps the pads grip the skin, and our Night Cream which keeps the skin supple and nourished, this 3-step system has an 82% success rate. 
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    Nutritious food is linked to good foetal brain development, a healthy birth weight, and it reduces the risk of many birth defects. A balanced diet will also reduce the risk of you becoming anaemic, as well as other unwelcome pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and morning sickness.
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    It’s important to remember that stress is a normal response to any threatening situation, so it’s completely understandable that many mums-to-be are feeling very anxious right now.  Try to focus on the fact that, although there is still much doctors don’t know about how pregnancy can be affected by the virus, pregnant women don’t appear to become more unwell than other healthy adults.
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    Being able to practice yoga during labour has also been proven to help women through contractions and delivery, as it allows you to access deep stores of emotional strength and confidence as well as breath through contractions.

    Many women ask “which yoga is best in pregnancy?” and “is yoga safe in pregnancy?” Read on and we’ll answer of all your questions here.

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    These early pregnancy tips for dads, partners and carers might seem self-explanatory, but sometimes all that’s needed is just a simple reminder. The biggest pregnancy tip for dads and partners is to be there for her and support her and, especially in these unusual times, let her know that she is not alone.
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    Unless treatment is applied to prevent stretch marks from appearing, as many as 80% of pregnant women will experience them.

    If you’re wondering when stretch marks start in pregnancy, this can be any time from when your bump starts to show.

    So the best time to start on your stretch mark prevention routine is as soon as your tummy changes shape – usually around 3 months.

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    No matter where you are on your fertility journey, put down the chocolate eggs for a moment and place a hand on your heart, and the other on your belly. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep, long breaths, and together let's celebrate the most amazing egg there is.
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    Most people pretty much carry on with the same level of exercise as before they were pregnant during their first trimester.  Although it’s important to listen to what your body is telling you. You may not show that you’re pregnant right now, but your body is changing fast and you many feel tired, nauseous, breathless or highly emotional.  So the general advice is keep going, but don’t overdo it. 
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