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June 26, 2015

We had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Find out why Susan Hanage set up the website and what she thinks of our Anti Stretch Mark Underwear

It’s hard out here for a mum. Between finding the best places to take your newborn and where to buy particular products, research can be a fulltime job. 

That’s why Susan ‘Annabel’ Hanage started, a south London mums network, six years ago. We met Susan to find out more.

“I founded in 2009 inspired by the fact I couldn’t find the number for a local scout hut to have a birthday party,” she told us.

Susan added, “I felt that there had to be some sort of local mum’s site that could bring all of this information together. Hence NappyValleyNet was born.

“It’s really a complete mash-up of your next-door neighbour, your best friend, your school-gate mum, all wrapped up in a pink website.”

Thousands of mums have used the website to find all sorts of information, from schools and childcare to great birthday party venues and where to buy new products.

We couldn’t let Susan go without reviewing a product of our own. “I think it’s an inspiring product that will help new mums who find it really difficult to deal with stretch marks post-birth, once the excitement has gone,” she said of our Anti Stretch Mark Underwear.

“It’s a really unobtrusive, beautifully-made, comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing product that would be well worth a try by any new pregnant mum.”

Coming from Susan, that means a whole lot.

Still not got yours yet? Order quickly, before the NappyValleyNet mums snatch them all up! 

Visit for more information.

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