8 Fab Newborn Cribs

June 03, 2015

Are you ready for baby’s arrival? We’ll help you tick one more thing off your to-do list with these fabulous creations


There’s a terrifying myth among parents that says babies just don’t sleep, but that simply cannot be true – can it? (Please God!)

So, in anticipation of those golden nap times, we’ve rounded up some super-cool cribs for your slumbersome newborn. 

Natural Baby Shower has a great offering of cribs at competitive prices, including this SnüzPod bedside crib (£169). Suitable for babies up to six months old, it can be used as a rocking bassinet, standalone crib or co-sleeping crib, attached to the side of your own bed. And it’s a great space-saver as it can be folded and tucked away when not in use. Check out the video below to see it in action.


Or try the BabyBay Maxi (£229.95). Suitable for babies up to nine months old, this co-sleeping crib is big enough for twins. It comes with lockable castors so it can be moved around or stationary and is made in Europe from a sustainable wood source. Cue the warm and fuzzies.


JoJo Maman Bébé offers the Next2Me bedside crib by Chicco (£150). Great for co-sleeping during the early days, as baby grows, it can be detached from your bed and used with a side panel to convert it to a standalone crib. Its base can also be inclined to help with reflux.


Mothercare’s adorable Swinging Crib is a steal at £69.99. Rock your little one to sleep from birth until s/he is big enough to sit up or kneel. It can also be locked and kept stationary.


Similarly, Argos offers the Obaby B Is For Bear gliding crib (£152.99). The price includes a rocking crib that can be locked; a foam mattress; AND a quilt and bumper crib set. Plus, baby can rest soundly as it all comes with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Gotta love Argos.


John Lewis has a couple of standout gems. Such as this high-tech Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper crib (£199). Offering 360-degree rotation, this genius unit has an in-built soothing nightlight; gentle sounds; music; two levels of vibration; and a nursing timer! Recommended for babies up to five months old.


Alternatively, go the traditional route with the Nostalgia crib by Silver Cross (£250). Including a soft fabric bassinet with an integral mattress, it also comes with a quilted coverlet (how quaint!) to keep baby warm and a sheer drape for some classic drama.


Although this next product is slightly different from the others, it simply can’t go unmentioned. Not only is it a bargain at £70, but a brand new father on our team, David, swears by it. 

It’s the Kangoo Baby Hammock by Amazonas (Natural Baby Shower). Suspended by a hook (sold separately) for soothing movements, this Secret Saviours Favourite is described by the website as “a most natural bed to give your baby”. Suitable for newborns for their first nine months, the hammock will make baby feel snug and protected as they can’t roll over and you can take it with you anywhere!

David's four-week-old daughter Chloe loves it as did her big sister Isabelle!


Which crib will you be getting? Or have you seen others you think we’ve missed? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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