Congratulations on your pregnancy – but don’t even think about eating that entire cake!


We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but we do it to help! It’s a well-known belief that with pregnancy follows a larger helping of breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time. While the thought of this might appeal to your ravenous self right now, an excess of food is in fact the last thing you need.

Rather than telling you all the things you can’tuse during pregnancy, we’re here to show you things you can!


Pregnancy is all well and good, but it’s nice to hold on to who you are without feeling like a walking incubator. When it comes to hair, there’s some confusion around the safety of using dyes and even certain shampoos and conditioners. You’ll be pleased to know there is an array of organic alternatives that will keep your hair in great shape.

These hocus pocus theories are just the tip of the iceberg


Following the monumental success of our last pregnancy symptoms post (well, we loved it!), here's the next instalment of myth-busting, advice-packed secrets

Pregnancy is not all about glowing while eating whatever you want. These are the facts they don’t reveal in the movies…


Does eating a curry really bring on labour? Can holding a needle on a piece of string over your bump actually reveal the sex of your baby? Probably not, but we think these myths are pretty damn funny

Well, ladies, it turns out we've been missing a trick!

Here’s us thinking an expensive scan was the only tool that could reveal whether you should be buying Action Men or Barbie dolls five years from now. But all along, it could have been as simple as a piece of string and a needle. So one mum-to-be was told.