Now you don't have to have stretch marks.

Here are a few quotes and videos from our recent happy customers

‘The gel and band kept me comfortable during the day and the cream soothed my itchy skin at night. 40 weeks and not a single stretch mark!’
Ashleigh Timichenko

‘@Secret_Saviours credit where credit is due. No more stretch marks gained for baby 2 and bump so much bigger.’
@DaisyGreen via Twitter

‘It’s a truly brilliant product and we want everybody to know about it.’
Prima Baby and Pregnancy

‘I’m now 26 weeks pregnant. So far, no stretch marks and my bump is feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom.’
Hannah Wing

‘28 weeks and no new stretch marks .’
@MarriedToAGeek via Twitter

‘I have to admit I was sceptical about whether I needed to worry about stretch marks third time around. But I loved the idea of a package which included a bump band as well as lotions.
I am really impressed .’
Chelle McCann

‘I’m now 28 weeks pregnant and I want to tell you how fantastic the Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Band is. It’s just amazing not only at preventing stretch marks, as I currently have none at all, but also as support for every day activities. I can’t recommend it enough!’
Adele Roche

‘I am now 29 weeks. I have religiously used your product, which I think is amazing. My belly has been kept mositurised ALL day… All is going well and I have no stretch marks.’
Kim Hollingsworth

Video Reviews

Adele's Story

Check out this short and very sweet video review from model and TV presenter Adele Roche. She’s modeled for everyone from Proctor & Gamble to Phillips, but Adele Roche (28 weeks pregnant) took time out of her hectic schedule to make a quick video telling us what she thinks of our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. We’ll give you a hint: “I can’t think of anything out there on the market at the moment that compares to it.” Check out the video now. Are you using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack? Why not make a quick video on your smartphone and tell us how you’re getting on? You can send it to Aaaaaaand ACTION!

Adunni's Story

Adunni Olatunji is 37 weeks pregnant and a nurse: she knows a thing or two about being a busy mum-to-be. In this 90 second film, Adunni shares her experience of using the Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Band. If you'd like to make a film review, simply send it to If we blog your review, we'll send you a FREE Secret Saviours Night Cream, worth £23.99.

Customer Reviews

Thank you Secret Saviours, you made me feel special and loved

I cannot speak highly enough about the customer service I received. Secret saviours truly care and look after their customers. I had some difficulties with my band first time around. It was replaced very promptly with an amazing customer experience. Probably one of the best I have had for a while. Seeing how much they cared about me as a customer I have a huge trust in the company and their products now. Thank you for making fair business and promises.

Fab product, still no stretch marks!

26 weeks pregnant with Twins and still no stretch marks :-) Hopefully this will continue until I give birth! Bands are very comfy and provide excellent support to your bump. I don't like leaving the house without wearing mine and happily wear it all day without any discomfort. Creams leave skin feeling really soft. Would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to prevent getting stretch marks in pregnancy.

No stretch marks!!

I used secret saviours for my first pregnancy. I had a strong feeling I would get stretch marks, because I got them during puberty. However, with wearing the secret saviours every day starting at around week 25, I had NO stretch marks, which is absolutely amazing. Given that, I would highly recommend the product!

Excellent product and customer service

I've been using the Secret Savious product since month 4 and now at week 37 with no stretch marks evident! I've found the creams easy and pleasant to apply, and the band comfortable to wear - even now I'm significantly bigger than when I started. The customer service has also been very good. I ordered an extra bottle of day cream that didn't arrive on time. On contacting Marie she investigated and resolved the issue very quickly indeed. Overall a very satisfied customer.

All is going well and have no stretchmarks

I had heard about you from my mum who read about it in the daily mail. I looked on your website and instantly knew I was going to buy the pack when I had had my 12 week scan. I have been using the day gel, bump support and the night gel everyday. I am now 29 weeks, I have religiously used your product, which I think is amazing, my belly during the day has been kept moisturised ALL day with the help of the bump support, and when I go to bed, I take it off and my partner massages my belly with the night cream which smells divine. All is going well and have no stretchmarks, from from 1 very small one where I have a very big scar from having appendicitis which was expected as the skin is very tight around this area. Myself and my family are prone to stretch marks and very pleased and surprised i don't have any anywhere else. I will let you know and leave another message when I have had my baby to see if I have further stretchmarks! Amazing product so far, I am looking forward to leaving you some more feedback! I am spreading the word with my fellow pregnant friends.

Kind regards Kim x

Great bump support, reduced back pain!!!

I started late at 35 weeks and I already had a first stretch mark poking out. It may have helped with that (no other ones appeared and the one only got a little bit bigger), but what really worked for me was the bump support.

I was getting a horrible pain shooting from the shoulder blade right through to the ribs in my chest, on both sides.

The moment I started using the belt the pain subsided to nearly null. It was amazing. For that alone I wish I'd had this in my first pregnancy, too.

The night and day gels smell very nice, husband approved, too :)

Vital for anyone with a pregnant tum!

I love this product! It will help to prevent stretch marks which is a winner in anyone's book - but it does so stylishly & luxuriously! Once ordered the product arrived quickly and looked great with user friendly bottles and easy to understand instructions. Make sure you get the right size band for your bump ( they do 3 different sizes).

The band is comfortable to wear during the day & you can positively feel the lift & support that it gives your bump. Then at night, you get to rub the delicious night cream into your bump which smells heavenly. I'm hoping for great results!

Secret Saviours is indeed a saviour but it should not be a secret! So spread the word to anyone you know who is pregnant.

Amazing product, I love it!

I love the smell of the night cream and gel and the band is very comfy, although it took a few days to get use to I now can't leave the house without wearing it.

I would highly recommend this product to all expectant mum's to be :-)

Pregnancy MUST have!

This this this! The night cream is so lush I wanted to put it all over my body! It smells nice and feels better, its also a great way to wind down after the day and an opportunity to talk and bond with baby.

The day gel bit on the sticky side but that is soon forgotten once the band is on.

The band itself is easy to use and adds much welcomed additional support particularly required towards the end of pregnancy when baby gets noticeably heavy.

Admittedly initially it can feel a bit tedious and a bit of a rigmarole (especially when you have other children) but its so so so worth it. The wearing of the bump quickly formed a part of my beauty regime (which didn't exist before, for mothers with other children it forces you to have that me time that you and I know doesn't exist!) And I feel almost naked without it.

My skin feels and looks amazing and I have fewer marks than I had in previous pregnancies I just wish I met secret saviours sooner in my life. Go get girls you won't regret it!

Blog Reviews

Lisa's Story

Back in March, mummy blogger Lisa told her Love of a Captain readers she’d started using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. Now she has an update on her experience.

Today, she said on her blog, “Items like this that have such good reviews usually leave me a little dubious, but genuinely, this truly is brilliant!

“The Support Band, having been washed loads, remains nice and supportive and has been working wonders with my back. There is a notable difference when I haven’t worn it for any reason, i.e. it is drying having been washed, or if I’m wearing a white top (I chose the black band as I mostly wear dark colours). 

“I find the band very comfortable to wear and it stays firmly in place when it is used with the Day Gel.” 

Click here to read Lisa’s full review on her blog and check in with her regularly to see how she’s getting on with the pack.

Suz's Story

Review posted on 15th April, 2016

Beau is Blue blogger Suz is mum to toddler Elliott and is pregnant with her second child, due next month. She got a few stretch marks during her first pregnancy and noticed more starting to appear during this one, so she was happy to give Secret Saviours’ Anti Stretch Mark Pack a try.

Suz couldn’t wait to share her verdict with her thousands of followers. She said, “I love putting the band on and slathering the gel and cream on – the only bit of luxury I can get at the moment!” 

On the Anti Stretch Mark Underwear, Suz added, “The band is something that I absolutely love. Not only is it super comfy, it's like a great big hug all day every day!“

She’s not done! “The gel smells amazing, such a lovely scent and you can smell it all day which is just lovely.”

The Day Gel isn’t the only thing Suz is loving about our pack. “The Night Cream smells amazing, just like the Day Gel. The cream leaves your skin well moisturised, super soft and dries within seconds!”

As far as stretch marks are concerned, Suz is impressed. “I can honestly say I have not seen any new stretch marks appearing and my old stretch marks have faded quite significantly too!”

Suz also offers some great advice on using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. “You may need to purchase another band when you get to the later stages of pregnancy.” On the topic of price, Suz says, “For a product that works, I think it's definitely worth it.”

She added, “I seriously can't recommend this enough; a lovely, lovely product which does exactly what it states! 36 weeks down and not one new stretch mark to show for it!”

That’s what we like to hear, Suz! Click here to visit Suz’s blog and read the full post.


Secret Saviours Update Story

Review posted on 25th March, 2016

Remember when we told you about mum-to-be-blogger Jules? She documents the joys of pregnancy in her blog Pondering Parenthood, including using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. 

Well, Jules has a Secret Saviours update for her readers! Jules has been using the pack for six weeks now. One thing she loves about using the Night Cream in particular is its bonding ability.

Jules said, “It’s become a bit of a nighttime ritual for [my husband] to help me massage it into my bump. It’s something of a bonding experience for him, me and baby, which is really lovely.” (Click here to read our blog post on top ways to bond with your bump.)

At 28 weeks pregnant, Jules admits there’s “still a way to go”, but so far, so good. “I can honestly say there isn’t a hint of one [stretch mark] appearing.” 

Have you been using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack? Film a testimonial letting us know how you’re getting on and email it to

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