• How does Secret Saviours work?

    Three amazing products, a Anti Stretch Mark Band, Day Gel and Night Cream combine to become the world’s first scientifically proven stretch mark prevention system.

    The first step is application of the Day Gel, made from a luxurious blend of ethically sourced, scientifically proven ingredients. This soothing gel prepares your bump for secure application of the Anti Stretch Mark Band while leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.

    The next step is the Anti Stretch Mark Band. Designed to provide comfortable pregnancy bump support throughout the day, its special pads are arranged in a unique way to hold your skin in place and even out stresses across the tummy, making it harder for stretch marks to form.

    The band fits snugly over and under your bump and the pads should leave a light impression on your skin – that means it’s working! The Anti Stretch Mark Band should be removed before bed and the Night Cream applied to ensure your skin remains well moisturised, soft, smooth and supple.

  • How are these products different from existing Anti Stretch Mark Bands, gels and creams?

    Secret Saviours was created by a small group of real mums and medical experts; people who are, in turn, mothers, qualified and knowledgeable. We are the only scientifically proven system shown to work to prevent stretch marks forming in up to 70% of women and in 20% of women that did get stretch marks, they were vastly reduced in number and appearance. No other stretch mark prevention products anywhere on the market have had these proven outstanding results.

  • When should I start using Secret Saviours?

    For best results, we recommend wearing the Anti Stretch Mark Band from weeks 12-14 of pregnancy onwards, or when your bump starts to show. Although the band will gently expand with your growing bump, you’re likely to need at least two sizes during your pregnancy.

  • Can I just use the Day Gel/Night Cream and not the Anti Stretch Mark Band? Or the Anti Stretch Mark Band without the Day Gel/ Night Cream?

    No. For your best chance of avoiding stretch marks, you must use all three products together as directed, as they each have a role to play in the prevention.

    The Anti Stretch Mark Band, Day Gel and Night Cream are available to purchase separately, but this should only be an option if you run out of gel or cream, or if you require an extra band/bands.

  • How do I choose the correct size?

    The best way to measure your bump is to put a tape measure around your waist and take the reading where your tummy button is.

  • How do I know if I need to go up a size?

    You’ll know when you need a larger size as your Anti Stretch Mark Band will begin to feel a bit too tight and uncomfortable.

  • I have itchy skin on my bump – what do I do?

    Itching skin is common in pregnancy. If you find you are itchy, first remove the Anti Stretch Mark Band for 10-15 minutes and re-apply the Day Gel two or three times further throughout the day. This should help soothe your skin. If irritation persists, seek medical advice.

  • The Anti Stretch Mark Band’s quite tight – will it harm my baby?

    No, the band won’t and can’t harm your baby. It should fit snugly over your bump and the special pads should leave an impression on your skin, which means it’s working!

  • Do I wear the Anti Stretch Mark Band at night?

    No, you can take the band off at night, in bed. Gravity will, in effect, take the stresses off the skin over your pregnancy bump. The only product you need to use at night is our Night Cream.

  • Can I use the Anti Stretch Mark Band during exercise?

    You certainly can! It’s similar to using a supportive sports bra. It’ll also help reduce strain on your lower back and post-exercise fatigue may be more tolerable.

  • Can I swim in the Anti Stretch Mark Band?

    There’s no need to wear the band while swimming as water supports your bump. After swimming (and similarly, after a shower or bath taken during the day), remember to re-apply the Day Gel before putting your Anti Stretch Mark Band back on again.

  • Can I wear the Anti Stretch Mark Band after a Caesarean section?

    Yes, you can, as this will support the relaxing abdominal wall. If you wear the Anti Stretch Mark Band directly over the scar, it might be slightly uncomfortable, but our Day Gel and Night Cream contain ingredients proven to help with wound healing.

  • I have an existing scar from a previous Caesarean section – can I use the Day Gel and Night Cream on it?

    Yes, both our Day Gel and Night Cream are perfectly safe for you to use on C-section scars as they contain soothing ingredients which are proven to help heal wounds.

  • If I’m already beginning to get stretch marks, is it too late for me to start using Secret Saviours?

    It’s never too late to start using the products and preventing the stretch marks from escalating, even if you’re in your last few weeks of pregnancy. Secret Saviours may stop them from forming further.

  • Will Secret Saviours get rid of existing stretch marks?

    Nothing completely gets rid of stretch marks once they’ve formed, apart from cosmetic surgery. Prevention in the first place using Secret Saviours is far preferrable. However, using our Day Gel and Night Cream may well help reduce the appearance of existing ones.

  • If I got stretch marks with my previous pregnancy/pregnancies, will Secret Saviours be able to prevent them when I am pregnant again?

    Yes, there is every chance that new and additional stretch marks can be prevented using the products and if you do get some new ones, they are very likely to be significantly reduced in both number and overall appearance.

  • Can I use the Anti Stretch Mark Band after my baby is born – and for how long?

    Yes. Women who’ve continued to wear the band for two to four weeks after delivery, until their bump has gone down, found it very supportive. Depending when you start wearing it you will probably need 2 sizes throughout your pregnancy.

  • How do I wash the Anti Stretch Mark Band and how often?

    Your Anti Stretch Mark Band can be machine washed up to 40º. Air dry naturally, but avoid a direct heat source and do not tumble dry or dry clean as this may damage the pads. You can wash the band as often as necessary.

  • Where are the products made?

    The Anti Stretch Mark Band is made in the EU from ethically sourced yarns. It is then hand finished with the pads applied in the UK. As each piece is hand finished, every band may look slightly different. This is perfectly normal and won’t affect how it works.

    The Day Gel and Night Cream are made in the UK. Both are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and use only ethically sourced ingredients. They are also paraben free.