7 Awesome Pregnancy Facts And Myths

June 26, 2015

Following the monumental success of our last pregnancy symptoms post (well, we loved it!), here's the next instalment of myth-busting, advice-packed secrets

1. Do you believe you can fly?

If so, you might want to see someone about that. However, if you’re referring to planes, then the answer is, yes. International travel is safe up to week 35 of your pregnancy. For domestic flights, you’re good for an extra week.


2. Trying to hold on to that summer glow?

It’s safe to use fake tan lotion or mousse! Just avoid spray tans – bump will not be amused.


3. Got milk? Oh you will.

The Milk Factory (AKA your nipples) tends to open around the second trimester. The flow is usually brought on by stimulation from the shower or a blow dryer, but it’s completely normal. If it happens often, nursing pads help, as do cabbage leaves. 


4. Say cheese!

Ricotta, Parmesan and mozzarella are all on the menu. Bellissima! But avoid the blue ones. Just pretend you’re an Arsenal supporter and remember Chelsea is the devil.

5. It turns out you can eat fish during pregnancy!

Just not mackerel, swordfish, tilefish and the ever-popular shark (apparently tastes like chicken). Limit tuna and oily fish to twice a week.


6. Coffee is a keeper!

If you limit your caffeine intake to one cup a day, you should be perfectly safe. You can even throw in a bar of chocolate.


7. Past your due date and fed up? Curry won’t induce labour.

Nor will cod liver oil or walking – so you can forget the brisk stroll to the Tandoori Inn via your local health store.


Click here for more pregnancy myths. 

Know of any others? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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