Via Yahoo! Style, don’t cha know…

Popular website Yahoo! has looked to us as the experts in stretch mark prevention to ask for some more tips about future proofing your body in pregnancy. Our founder Sophie Hooper was quoted saying, “It’s important to stay fit and active during pregnancy and beyond.”

Luisa Zissman! The show’s former contestant has just purchased her first Anti Stretch Mark Pack – and OK! are intrigued…

That’s right! We’ve been featured in an online article of OK! That’s because reality TV personality Luisa Zissman revealed to her Instagram followers that she had just ordered a pack from Amazon after reading our “amazing reviews”. *Breathes on nails, rubs nails on shoulder.*

We’re back in the headlines – thanks to blogger Martyna Sobol

She’s done it again! As if a personal blog post wasn’t enough, fashion blogger Martyna Sobol has also written an article for online magazine, mentioning Secret Saviours'Bump Support Pack as a go-to beauty product for pregnancy.

Now, we’re not ones to toot our own horns, but credit where credit’s due!


Secret Saviours has officially been on the market for a week and we must say, we’re feeling quite proud of ourselves.

With some great editorial in the press (namely the Daily Mail and and wonderful coverage in blogs from women who trialled the products, we’re looking forward to helping pregnant women around the world prevent stretch marks.

The lovely Siobhan from our Tried and Tested video has appeared in an online magazine
A woman who trialled Secret Saviours during her second pregnancy has appeared in an Irish online magazine.
Had you going for a minute there, didn’t we?

Yes, Secret Saviours are officially ‘Page Three Stunners’! We couldn’t contain our excitement at our headquarters over the weekend when we discovered an article on our fabulous products in page three of the Daily Mail.