Summertime and the drinkin’ is easy

    With this unusual heatwave we’re enjoying in the UK, you must be absolutely parched. We certainly are! That’s why we’re sharing this gorgeous drink recipe from Candace Braun Davison at 


    It’s this season’s hottest superfood

    The Secret Saviours team loves to get in the garden and pick fresh ingredients for a meal every now and again. Beans are in season right now so there’s no time like the present to indulge in this pregnancy superfood. This week’s recipe is courtesy of The Independent’s Julia Platt Leonard.


    Will it be Murray or Federer? Watson or Williams? Who cares! Let’s eat cheesecake!

    What better way to enjoy the Wimbledon Tennis Championships than with the classic strawberries and cream? We’re loving this ever-so-slightly indulgent cheesecake recipe by senior food editor for BBC Good Food Cassie Best.

    Celebrate National Picnic Week with this quick and classic recipe

    As it’s National Picnic Week this week (raining evidence to the contrary!), we thought we’d share this classic recipe from Good Housekeeping to mark the occasion. And if it doesn’t stop raining, there’s no rule against having picnics in bed.


    Ring in the new month with this low-calorie dish

    Not just a tasty source of vitamins B12 and D, omega-3 fatty acids and protein, a recent study has also found that it could prevent asthma in unborn babies! (Click here to read it.) We’re loving this superfood more and more.


    Try something ‘meaningful’ this week…

    Including the all-important iron, this tasty, spring-ready recipe from food blog Meaningful Eats is sure to get your healthy juices flowing. Click here to check out more healthy smoothie recipes on Erin's blog.


    It’s all about the beans

    In line with the superfoods theme of the week, the main attraction here is the bean. Full of nutrients for you and your baby, beans are the perfect centrepiece for your dish. This one is from Real Simple.


    This week, we’re going fishing!

    The hero of this recipe is smoked salmon which, according to the NHS, “is considered safe to eat in pregnancy”.

    Its sidekick, lemon, is not to be sniffed at. This superfood works wonders on your body. It offers heartburn relief, aids in weight loss and hydrates. Click here for all the juicy facts.


    Are you a meat and potatoes kinda gal? This one’s for you!

    Meaty with a good balance of healthy vegetables, this recipe is a winner. Just read on to see the countless benefits for your pregnancy.

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