Your shopping list is no longer complete without a sackful of the stuff


What would you say if we told you the key to a healthier body, beautiful skin and less morning sickness was in a piece of fruit? Because that’s the proposition we’re putting to you.

Secret Saviours have been enlightened on the benefits of drinking water with lemon (and they are huge), thanks to lifestyle blog Complete Health and Wellness.

Remember when we were looking for the new faces of Secret Saviours? We found them!

It wasn’t easy, but we finally found a fab group of women to be the new faces of Secret Saviours!

After looking through countless pictures of gorgeous pregnant women, let us introduce you to Sandra, Julia, Nicky, Cecilia, Lisa, Andrea and Daniella.

Sad times, peeps. The clock is ticking on your chance to prevent stretch marks at a fraction of the price

If you're still umming and ahhing about when to get your hands on an Anti Stretch Mark Pack, the time is NOW my friend! Or at least before the end of Sunday. 

Summertime and the drinkin’ is easy

With this unusual heatwave we’re enjoying in the UK, you must be absolutely parched. We certainly are! That’s why we’re sharing this gorgeous drink recipe from Candace Braun Davison at 


You’re not travel-ready until you’ve gone through this list


Summer is finally here! You’ve booked your flight, now make sure you’re truly ready to travel with everything you’ll need for your pregnancy holiday.

It’s this season’s hottest superfood

The Secret Saviours team loves to get in the garden and pick fresh ingredients for a meal every now and again. Beans are in season right now so there’s no time like the present to indulge in this pregnancy superfood. This week’s recipe is courtesy of The Independent’s Julia Platt Leonard.


If you already have our Anti Stretch Mark Pack, it might be time for a top-up!


By now, you’ve probably fallen in love with your pack. But if your Day Gel is running low, don’t forget you can get a refill any time.