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    No time? No problem!


    There’s always time for a quick pregnancy workout.

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    No matter which stage of pregnancy you’re at, you need to read this 
    ("Give us yer brolly!")

    Don’t you hate it when you check the weather forecast first thing in the morning (it’s going to rain), but you leave your umbrella behind anyway, only to be drenched in a downpour later? Doing pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy remind us of that. We’ll explain.

    Get your fitness fashion up to par with this fabulous brand

    If you’ve signed up for our exclusive exercise films with the lovely Natasha Brown, you’ll have noticed (and coveted) the gorgeous outfits worn by Tash and our models. Well, covet no more, because we’re about to tell you exactly where you need to go for your workout wardrobe.

    Read on to find out


    Don’t freak out, but your pelvic floor is already going through a strain that will reach fever pitch during childbirth.

    She’s been a fitness guru to the stars and now she’s all yours in Secret Saviours’ exclusive series of pregnancy exercise films


    We’re all about body confidence at Secret Saviours and what better way to love your body (apart from our Anti Stretch Mark Pack, of course) than keeping fit? That’s why we’ve collaborated with one of the best pre-natal fitness experts to bring you an amazing series of FREE pregnancy exercise films.

    Newly-pregnant fitness goddess but worried about harming your baby? Let this be your guide

    Check out these tips to ensure a safe fitness regime – but please don't forget to consult your doctor, too.

    Now, go forth and jog!