Just remember to listen to your body; if you need a day off work, an early night or a big treat of a meal - indulge in it. Don't stress yourself out trying to push yourself to the max, and accept help or support when its offered!

Having a plan will give you confidence that you are in control and make the time leading up to your labour less stressful. We suggest you write a list of preferences for pain relief, birthing positions and who you would like there with you.
Group B Step is a type of bacteria called streptococcal bacteria. It is very common in both men and women and normally lives in the intestines, rectum or genital tracts. It is not a sexually transmitted disease, it isn’t something you catch like flu or a cold and you can’t get it from food or water. It actually just lives in the body naturally and most of  the 25% of men and women who live with the bacteria have no symptoms at all.

Being able to practice yoga during labour has also been proven to help women through contractions and delivery, as it allows you to access deep stores of emotional strength and confidence as well as breath through contractions.

Many women ask “which yoga is best in pregnancy?” and “is yoga safe in pregnancy?” Read on and we’ll answer of all your questions here.

Pregnancy pillows can actually help just about anyone get a better night’s sleep, not just pregnant women.

In this post, we explain all the different types of pregnancy pillows (who knew there were so many?) and how to use them for a better night's sleep. If you have issues getting comfortable at night, a pregnancy pillow might be the perfect option for you.

You’re significant other will be so excited to share the bed with you and your new pregnancy pillow!

Keeping up with the season’s trends, especially when pregnant, can be very time consuming and let’s face it you’ve got heaps of other things to foucs on right now. We thought we’d help by picking out a few key pieces that will leave you feeling ready for the summer without breaking the bank!
Maintaining your health throughout your pregnancy will not only reduce your risk of disorders such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, high blood pressure and anxiety but it will also benefit your baby, whose relying on you for growth and development. 
Just because you’ll be going through a range of emotions in your pregnancy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put happiness at the top of the must-have list! There is lots of evidence that being happy in pregnancy has many benefits for you and your baby. It’s beneficial for your health because it’s proven that positive emotions and reduced stress levels can reduce pregnancy complications. A happy pregnancy can have a direct impact on fetal development too, helping to prevent premature birth and low birth weight. Being happy and relaxed in pregnancy means you are more likely to bond with your baby, creating a healthy emotional connection that will continue after birth. And when you’re happy you’re much more likely to look after yourself too!
Nothing can put you in that summer mood faster than a brightly coloured drink and a BBQ with friends.  And what better time to socialise with your nearest and dearest than a hot Bank Holiday weekend.
Maternal Mental Health Day – and common pregnancy worries Pregnancy can be an anxious time for many mums-to-be, which is why World Mental Health Day is so important. It’s about raising awareness of perinatal mental health problems, changing attitudes and supporting expectant mums with information, care and support.
It’s National Complementary Therapy Week right now, which raises the question – are complementary therapies safe during pregnancy? 
What Treatments can I do?
The short answer is yes and, whilst massage is one of the safest, there are a whole range of other complementary therapies that are safe for you too.
Of course, you need to check with your doctor before you embark on any therapies like homeopathy, massage or acupuncture, but generally they are non-invasive therapies and therefore low risk in pregnancy. 
February is here, & so is Valentine's Day! Date nights might be a thing of the past, especially during Valentine's Day while pregnant. Celebrating Valentine's Day while pregnant means you may have to get creative and switch up your usual plans. We have you covered with 10 Valentine’s Day ideas when pregnant.