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    You’re not travel-ready until you’ve gone through this list


    Summer is finally here! You’ve booked your flight, now make sure you’re truly ready to travel with everything you’ll need for your pregnancy holiday.

    From sunscreen to luggage, we’ve got you covered


    You may think you’ve got holiday travelling down to a science. But you’re travelling for two now, so this list might be a little bit different.

    Are you ready for summer?

    There’s nothing like a long weekend to get you in the holiday spirit. But this upcoming one ushers in a new season with it: SUMMER! But before you pack your Louis Vuitton luggage and board that private jet, make sure you’ve got (at least) one of these amazing swimsuits. These looks are so hot, the lifeguard will need saving!

    If this is your first pregnancy, you might be surprised (and excited) to hear about a new trend that’s sweeping the pregnant nation 

    • 2 min read