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    From new products to buy now to fabulous nail bars


    You’re pregnant! It’s the perfect excuse to pamper yourself – and that includes mani/pedis. 

    Summertime, and the weather ain’t easy! Make sure you’re ready for the heat with these handy tools


    As someone in the ‘family way’ (where does that phrase come from, by the way?!), you’re more susceptible to rising temperatures than most. And if you’re planning a trip somewhere hot, you’ll need all the cooling-down help you can get. Which is exactly what we’re here for!

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    Shimmer and shine with these gorgeous products


    Packed full of vitamins, this is one tasty all-rounder


    This week's #RecipeSaviour comes from the lovely Kirsten Davies at The Food Remedy, a fab website dedicated to sharing "good, wholesome, natural food". Yum!

    From sunscreen to luggage, we’ve got you covered


    You may think you’ve got holiday travelling down to a science. But you’re travelling for two now, so this list might be a little bit different.

    Five-star review

    Secret Saviours would like to give a big ‘Thank you’ to Kim Hollingsworth, who was kind enough to leave an amazing product review on our website. We’re always so thrilled to get positive feedback, but this was especially great to us.

    We know it’s hot and you’re probably all sticky and fed up – which is the perfect time to remind you of the positives about pregnancy!


    1. ‘I know something you don’t know…’




    Usually, there’s that three-month gap between finding out you’re pregnant and actually sharing that amazing news with the rest of the world. That means cryptic comments galore and wry looks to your partner among oblivious friends and family. What fun! (Giggles.)

    Get your fitness fashion up to par with this fabulous brand

    If you’ve signed up for our exclusive exercise films with the lovely Natasha Brown, you’ll have noticed (and coveted) the gorgeous outfits worn by Tash and our models. Well, covet no more, because we’re about to tell you exactly where you need to go for your workout wardrobe.