Secret Saviours Testimonial: Kim’s Story

Five-star review

Secret Saviours would like to give a big ‘Thank you’ to Kim Hollingsworth, who was kind enough to leave an amazing product review on our website. We’re always so thrilled to get positive feedback, but this was especially great to us.

Promisingly titled, “All is going well and have no stretch marks”, Kim reveals in her review that she found out about our Anti Stretch Mark Pack from her mum, “who read about it in the Daily Mail”. (Remember that?!)

“I looked on your website and instantly knew I was going to buy the pack when I had my 12 week scan.”

Kim says she uses the Anti Stretch Mark Pack every day. “I am now 29 weeks, I have religiously used your product, which I think is amazing.”

She added, “My belly during the day has been kept moisturised ALL day.” Fantastic stuff. Kim reveals of the nighttime part of the beauty regime, “My partner massages my belly with the Night Cream, which smells divine.”

Kim reckons ours is an “amazing product so far” and says she’s “spreading the word with my fellow pregnant friends”. We couldn’t ask for more.