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    We know it’s hot and you’re probably all sticky and fed up – which is the perfect time to remind you of the positives about pregnancy!


    1. ‘I know something you don’t know…’




    Usually, there’s that three-month gap between finding out you’re pregnant and actually sharing that amazing news with the rest of the world. That means cryptic comments galore and wry looks to your partner among oblivious friends and family. What fun! (Giggles.)

    Following the monumental success of our last pregnancy symptoms post (well, we loved it!), here's the next instalment of myth-busting, advice-packed secrets

    Read below for grounds for divorce

    Nevermind a baby: we almost had a cow here at Secret Saviours Towers when we saw an article in an Australian parenting website listing some of the, quite frankly, dumbest things men say to their wives during labour. And some of us identified with it all too well…

    How did you announce yours?

    Gone are the days of simply calling family and friends to share the biggest news of your life: you’re growing a new one! Nowadays, we’re getting much more creative.

    It may be April Fool’s Eve, but these weird toys are no joke

    Roll up! Roll up! Prepare to see the most bizarre children's inventions yet…

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    How many times have you heard that question?

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    Nine months, my eye!



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    #DollyParton eat your heart out…


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