That’s right. A man has experienced the pain of labour – thanks to a terrifying machine


Ultimate respect to Tom Mitchelson. Here at Secret Saviours, we don’t know many men who would do this! After witnessing his partner endure childbirth with their son Leo, now six months old, Tom decided to see if he could withstand the same pain – and found just the place to test himself.

Read below for grounds for divorce

Nevermind a baby: we almost had a cow here at Secret Saviours Towers when we saw an article in an Australian parenting website listing some of the, quite frankly, dumbest things men say to their wives during labour. And some of us identified with it all too well…

We’re loving the latest pregnancy trend 

We’ve found a great, environmentally friendly way to be artistic, even when you’ve run out of supplies. Save paper and use a baby bump instead! That’s what one proud husband and father-to-be did on his wife’s bump.

Who's been your biggest help during your pregnancy?


From helping us out around the house to putting up with our crying hysterically into a ball of tissues at the sight of an Andrex advert (well, that puppy is just too darn cute!), they’ve been there for us throughout our pregnancy.