Husbands Say The Darndest Things: What NOT To Say To Women In Labour

Read below for grounds for divorce

Nevermind a baby: we almost had a cow here at Secret Saviours Towers when we saw an article in an Australian parenting website listing some of the, quite frankly, dumbest things men say to their wives during labour. And some of us identified with it all too well…

For example, “You’re being a bit loud.” Mind blowing. Because childbirth is such a doddle that it could be done while sipping on a cup of tea and watching Eastenders! (Why d’ya do it Roxy?!)

Or, “Shall we do a labour #selfie?” #GetOut.

And, “I’m just going for a lie down.” We’re cringing over here. Hands over our faces in disbelief and horror. Ladies, offer him a spot beside you for his ‘nap’. Then after you’ve, ahem, expressed your dismay for the insensitive remark, explain to the midwife that his tears are ones of joy at the imminent arrival of his child. Aww!

But the best of all: “How long will this take?” BINGO! You, sir, have just won yourself a night or six on the couch when we get home.

Check out for the full list of outrageous comments.