You’re not travel-ready until you’ve gone through this list


    Summer is finally here! You’ve booked your flight, now make sure you’re truly ready to travel with everything you’ll need for your pregnancy holiday.

    It’s this season’s hottest superfood

    The Secret Saviours team loves to get in the garden and pick fresh ingredients for a meal every now and again. Beans are in season right now so there’s no time like the present to indulge in this pregnancy superfood. This week’s recipe is courtesy of The Independent’s Julia Platt Leonard.


    If you already have our Anti Stretch Mark Pack, it might be time for a top-up!


    By now, you’ve probably fallen in love with your pack. But if your Day Gel is running low, don’t forget you can get a refill any time.

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    Will it be Murray or Federer? Watson or Williams? Who cares! Let’s eat cheesecake!

    What better way to enjoy the Wimbledon Tennis Championships than with the classic strawberries and cream? We’re loving this ever-so-slightly indulgent cheesecake recipe by senior food editor for BBC Good Food Cassie Best.

    Get your eyes on these new page-turners


    There’s nothing like a good book to help put your mind at ease about pregnancy. Whether this is your first or your fifth, you’ll be thankful you heard about these new pregnancy books.

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    Have a scan and say goodbye to stretch marks on the same day

    If you’ve not heard about The Surrey Park Clinic, where have you been?! This wonderful clinic specialises in female health and gynaecology, offering a personal, professional and private service in a comfortable environment.

    Say ‘no!’ to baby brain!


    Busy? Stressed? Sleep deprived? It’s enough to make anyone forgetful, whether you’re pregnant or not! But if this is something you’re really struggling with, you’ll be pleased to know thereare things you can do to help!

    Celebrate National Picnic Week with this quick and classic recipe

    As it’s National Picnic Week this week (raining evidence to the contrary!), we thought we’d share this classic recipe from Good Housekeeping to mark the occasion. And if it doesn’t stop raining, there’s no rule against having picnics in bed.


    If it’s you, boy, are you in for a treat!

    We’re looking for the new face (and bump) of Secret Saviours. If you’re chosen, we’ll send a car to take you to our photoshoot in a studio in Surrey, close to London. But the five-star treatment doesn’t end there…

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