Wannabe a Fitter Mother? Not Without FittaMamma!

June 17, 2015

Get your fitness fashion up to par with this fabulous brand

If you’ve signed up for our exclusive exercise films with the lovely Natasha Brown, you’ll have noticed (and coveted) the gorgeous outfits worn by Tash and our models. Well, covet no more, because we’re about to tell you exactly where you need to go for your workout wardrobe.

FittaMamma adorned Tash and our models for our pregnancy exercise films. FittaMamma offers a quality range of maternity fitness clothes that support your bump during your workout. It fits, stretches and can be worn post-natal. How handy is that?!


Tash loved wearing the clothes while filming and actually tried the range two years ago during her last pregnancy. The pregnant fitness trainer said of her initial experience, “I was blown away with the design of [the] pregnancy fitness wear.

“When I put it on, it was the first time I didn’t feel big in gym kit. It was really flattering and supportive in all the right places. The leggings felt life changing that I could actually breathe at work!”

We love this Pregnancy Workout Support Top (£44.99). It comes with an in-built bra for extra support and Cool Dry moisture management technology to help keep you cool.

Or there’s the Strappy Fitness Top for a stylish workout (£38.99), also with in-built bra support as well as four-way stretch for ease of movement.

Team these with the FittaSupport Maternity Fitness Capri leggings (£44.99). With a three-quarter length cut perfect for the warmer months, these are made from soft, breathable cotton and offer much needed support.

We can’t thank the folks at FittaMamma enough for giving our models clothes from their amazing pregnancy range and we hope you’ll see for yourselves how great their clothes are.

Visit fittamamma.com for more great looks.


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