Secret Saviours rounds up all you need for spring

How many times have you heard that question?

Secret Saviours’ founder Sophie steps in front of the camera to answer the ultimate question: “Which way up should the Anti Stretch Mark Band be worn?”

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Nine months, my eye!



Stay stylish with your bump

It was the grunt heard round the world: expectant fashionistas optimistically struggling into their favourite pair of skinny jeans. That was before the arrival of the pregnancy pair.

That’s right, ladies. You can maintain your personal style in comfort and without stress. To help, Secret Saviours has put its best team of denim investigators on the case to research the most chic and comfy jeans ever! (Yes, ever.)

#DollyParton eat your heart out…


Mummy blogger Laura Warner reveals how Secret Saviours helped her maintain self-confidence during her pregnancy

They say confidence is the best accessory there is, but it’s a rare commodity during pregnancy. That’s why mummy blogger Laura Warner was opened to trying Secret Saviours during her third pregnancy.

It's the little things


It makes perfect sense


Want free stuff? Meh. Want free Secret Saviours stuff? Absolutely!

Treat yourself in time for Mother’s Day with a fantabulous giveaway from Bump & Me.

The pregnancy blog is offering one of its lucky readers the chance to win a Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Pack.

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