Remember when we were looking for the new faces of Secret Saviours? We found them!

It wasn’t easy, but we finally found a fab group of women to be the new faces of Secret Saviours!

After looking through countless pictures of gorgeous pregnant women, let us introduce you to Sandra, Julia, Nicky, Cecilia, Lisa, Andrea and Daniella.

Have a scan and say goodbye to stretch marks on the same day

If you’ve not heard about The Surrey Park Clinic, where have you been?! This wonderful clinic specialises in female health and gynaecology, offering a personal, professional and private service in a comfortable environment.

If it’s you, boy, are you in for a treat!

We’re looking for the new face (and bump) of Secret Saviours. If you’re chosen, we’ll send a car to take you to our photoshoot in a studio in Surrey, close to London. But the five-star treatment doesn’t end there…

Do you want to be the new face (and bump!) of Secret Saviours?


We’re offering mums-to-be the chance to model for our amazing upcoming campaign.

Via Yahoo! Style, don’t cha know…

Popular website Yahoo! has looked to us as the experts in stretch mark prevention to ask for some more tips about future proofing your body in pregnancy. Our founder Sophie Hooper was quoted saying, “It’s important to stay fit and active during pregnancy and beyond.”

We first heard from Lisa six weeks ago. Find out how she’s doing today


Back in March, mummy blogger Lisa told her Love of a Captain readers she’d started using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. Now she has an update on her experience.

Luisa Zissman! The show’s former contestant has just purchased her first Anti Stretch Mark Pack – and OK! are intrigued…

That’s right! We’ve been featured in an online article of OK! That’s because reality TV personality Luisa Zissman revealed to her Instagram followers that she had just ordered a pack from Amazon after reading our “amazing reviews”. *Breathes on nails, rubs nails on shoulder.*

“A great big hug all day.” Surely it doesn’t get any better than that!

Beau is Blue blogger Suz is mum to toddler Elliott and is pregnant with her second child, due next month. She got a few stretch marks during her first pregnancy and noticed more starting to appear during this one, so she was happy to give Secret Saviours’ Anti Stretch Mark Pack a try.