What Do OK! Magazine, The Apprentice and Secret Saviours Have In Common?

April 27, 2016

Luisa Zissman! The show’s former contestant has just purchased her first Anti Stretch Mark Pack – and OK! are intrigued…

That’s right! We’ve been featured in an online article of OK! That’s because reality TV personality Luisa Zissman revealed to her Instagram followers that she had just ordered a pack from Amazon after reading our “amazing reviews”. *Breathes on nails, rubs nails on shoulder.*

OK! described her method for banishing stretch marks as “rather unusual” – which is totally cool.

“Have any other pregnant ladies tried this?” Luisa asked Instagram. User @babyralphbeck has and wasn’t afraid to share. “They were amazing and not a stretch mark in sight!” she said. Another follower, @broganw1994, said, “I’ve been using this! 3 weeks till I give birth and no signs of stretch marks yet!”

We reckon Luisa’s convinced as she later said, “I’m going to use [Secret Saviours] every day from now [on].”

Suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) at the mo? Fear not! Simply click here to get your Anti Stretch Mark Pack.

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