At the Forefront of the Skincare Industry

Here at Secret Saviours we’re excited to be at the forefront of the skincare industry. Let us tell you how and why?

pregnant tummy with no stretch marks

July is Plastic Free Month so we thought we would take some time out from the world’s biggest health challenge right now to focus on one of the other core issues our planet is facing - plastic pollution.

As you will be aware, plastic made from petrochemicals contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its lifecycle, from its production, to its refining and the way it is managed by people as a waste product. Today about 8 million tons of plastic waste a year escapes into the world’s oceans. Here at Secret Saviours we are committed to playing our part in halting the growth of carbon positive plastic production and waste.

Since we launched in 1995 we’ve been committed to ensuring our products are made from natural ingredients that are safe for our pregnant customers and their developing babies. This philosophy goes hand in hand with another commitment close to our hearts - ensuring we create packaging that is as sustainable as possible.  This is massively important to us and we take our responsibility very seriously.

Most plastic is made from non-renewable petrochemicals. The extraction process and conversion into plastic releases carbon into the atmosphere, adding to climate change. So, last year we challenged ourselves to find a packaging alternative that is safer for our planet.

And we found one. It's plastic made from sugarcane.

Sugar cane fields

A Sweet Approach to the Plastic Problem

Sugarcane plastic comes from a renewable source unlike oil-based plastics, making it a better and more sustainable way to make plastic. And just like trees, as it grows sugar cane takes carbon out of the atmosphere. In fact, it starts out as carbon negative, and only during the production process and transport does it end up being a carbon neutral product. However, carbon neutral still nullifies the effect of carbon emissions used to create our tubes, which makes them a whole lot better for our planet than plastic made from bio-chemicals.

Harvested sugar canes

Sustainable and Recyclable

We are proud that now all of our 100ml Day Gel and Night Cream tubes are made from sugarcane. They have more than 96% sustainable content and are completely recyclable, meaning that you can use our products in the knowledge that you are reducing your own carbon footprint.

pregnancy stretch mark prevention

Naturally selected Gel and Cream

It’s not just our packaging that we’re proud of.  We know it’s important to steer clear of those nasties often found in topical creams, gels and oils, especially during pregnancy. Our Gels and Creams contain NO parabens, P.A.B.A, D.E.A, T.E.A., sulphates, animal ingredients, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, glycols, silicones, petroleum or paraffin and are not tested on animals.

In fact, we spent years looking for the best ingredients for our Day Gel and Night Cream. Both play a key role in our 3-step Stretch Mark Prevention system, so we’ve made sure they’re completely natural and keep your skin supple and hydrated, through a blend of carefully chosen vitamins and essential oils. Vitamins B5 and E maintain cell structure and ward off tissue damage and essential oils geranium, rose, bergamot and lavender not only smell divine, but soothe and calm the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Our magic ingredient, however, is the lesser known Centella Asiatica, also known as Indian pennywort. This extract is taken from plants growing in the swamps of Asia and for centuries has had both culinary and medicinal uses. Thanks to active compounds, including madecassoside which serves as an antioxidant, Centella Asiatica has a long history of traditional use for wound healing and has been shown to boost collagen content and skin strength as well as improve blood flow and cell regeneration, which are both essential for healing. Keep an eye out for this fantastic ingredient in the years to come, it’s been commonly found in South Korean skin products for sometime and now global brands such as Estee Lauder are beginning to understand this extract’s amazing benefits.

We’re excited to be using natural ingredients and renewable resources. We will continue to search for ways to make our products as planet friendly as possible, without compromise. And of course, this will all be done whilst keeping stretch mark prevention at the very top of our agenda.