Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There’s a baby onboard and you’re dying to tell everyone your great news. After all, your life is about to change forever and you want your close friends and family to come on the exciting journey with you.

Clearly then, how you announce this news has to be as significant as having a bun-in-the-oven! If you’re looking for the best pregnancy announcement ideas then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got 16 fab suggestions right here, in this week’s blog.  Some will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy, whilst others will have you chuckling out loud.

When to Announce Pregnancy?

It’s very tempting to shout your news from the rooftops, as soon as you get your first positive test result. But when is the best time to announce your pregnancy and why?

Of course, this has to be right for you, but many parents-to-be wait until the end of the first trimester — around week 13 — to tell friends and family about their pregnancy. This gives you enough time to have the results of your first ultrasound and be happy that the findings are normal and the gender is confirmed (if you want to know, that is).

It's usually recommended to wait until after you know your risk of miscarriage has reduced too. About 1 in 8 pregnancies end in miscarriage and 80% of these are in the first trimester. This is because the majority of miscarriages are caused by factors beyond your control, like chromosomal abnormalities, hormone imbalances or adhesions in the uterus.

If you can’t wait the full 12/13 weeks (and let’s be honest, in this pandemic all the normal rules are off the table) then advice is to keep your news to a small circle of very close friends and family. However, for those happy to wait, then how to announce your pregnancy will start to dominate your thoughts around this time.

How to Announce Pregnancy

You might not have considered this, but there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to announcing your pregnancy. Now this one’s an obvious one but DO tell your partner as soon as you know, after all you’ll be making decisions about your pregnancy, birth and your child’s future together so the sooner they know the better. DON’T forget to tell key family members before the big reveal. And your bestie and important work colleagues might prefer a more personal approach too. DO make sure you only announce your news when you’re good and ready. If you’re refusing to drink in a zoom cocktail hour with your friends, or resisting pressure to go out more than the government is advising pregnant people to do right now, then try not to reveal your news to explain your unusual behaviour, until you have your perfect pregnancy announcement planned.

Where to Announce your Pregnancy

Of course, if you prefer the less public one-to-one approach then a socially distanced visit to friends and family might be the right course of action for you. But many parent’s-to-be find the best pregnancy announcements are creative pictures or memes posted on social media.  You can recreate any of the ideas below and share across all of your favourite platforms – enjoy!

1. Ultrasound reveal

You can’t go wrong with a picture of your ultrasound and a few simple words.  Our first three pregnancy announcements are slightly different takes on this theme:

pregnancy announcement - baby loading

pregnancy announcement - the sequel

pregnancy announcement - look up decided to show up

2. Pitter patter

pregnancy announcement - pitter patter

Nothing says baby on the way quite like a pair baby shoes.

3. Sibling Rivalry

pregnancy announcement - Sibling Rivalry

Let older siblings do the talking – it’s a great way to keep them involved!

4. Hands on heart – it’s a boy

pregnancy announcement - Hands on heart – it’s a boy

We love this simple gender reveal and it’s quick and easy to make too.

5. And then there were three

pregnancy announcement - And then there were three

Boy, girl, what will it be?

6. Spell it out

pregnancy announcement - Spell it out

This baby bracelet can spell out any announcement you want to make.

7. Resting up while we can

pregnancy announcement - Resting up while we can

This one will leave them guessing for a while.  A prize for the winner!

8. Nothing like new genes!

pregnancy announcement - Nothing like new genes!

Cryptic we know – but we love it!

9. Only oldest child

pregnancy announcement - Only oldest child

Playing on that future friendly sibling rivalry in a pregnancy announcement is the perfect way to go.

10. I’m going to pop

pregnancy announcement - I’m going to pop

Make your announcement with a bang!

11. Chalk it up

pregnancy announcement - Chalk it up

There are so many things you could say on a chalk board, but in our view this says it all!

12. Do not refill until May

pregnancy announcement - Do not refill until May

For those with a sense of humour and empathetic friends and family. You could even make up your own bottle label for this one.

13. Caketastic

pregnancy announcement - Caketastic

Why not say it with cake – after all we have become a nation of bakers in the last few months haven’t we?

14. Onesi enough for now

pregnancy announcement - Onesi enough for now

We loved this Instagram post and the same picture can be recreated anywhere.

15. Write it down

pregnancy announcement - Spell it out

It’s a girl! It’s a boy!  Baby on the way!  Find a quiet patch of sand on one of your walks and spell out your message for all to see.

16. Oops!

pregnancy announcement - Oops!

Last but not least - this says it all doesn’t it? 

We hope you’ve had as much fun looking through our recommendations for the best pregnancy announcement as we have had choosing them. Please feel free to share any others that you think deserve to go on this list.