5 Simple Gender Reveal Ideas

We all love a good gender reveal don’t we? Whether you throw a big party or record the special moment to share, and look back on for years to come, the creativity of gender reveals continues to amaze us. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to make your announcement truly memorable we’re sharing our top 5 gender reveal ideas with you today…




We love the way this gender reveal, by The Peachicks & Us, has been filmed and edited. The black and white effect at the beginning of the clip builds suspense before switching to full colour, just as the confetti cannon has been fired, so we can see that her third baby is going to be a…well you’ll have to watch the video to see!



Another fabulous example is this video from Meet The Wildes which we’ve been swooning over. Isn’t this beautiful?






This is one of our personal favourites because it involves CAKE. Need we say more? You could use food colouring to dye the mixture pink or blue, so when you cut a slice the gender is revealed. Or you could fill the middle with candy, or decorate/ice your creations with sweet treats, matching the desired colour instead. We adore these gender reveal cupcakes from Mrs H’s Favourite Things. They look absolutely delicious! >




Another great idea is to open a box releasing pink or blue balloons (or just one larger balloon) displaying your new baby’s gender - as featured in this fabulous gender reveal from JK & Charlie. We also like some of the other ideas they’ve included — especially the painted handprint on Charlie’s bump, how lovely is that?



Again, we couldn’t help but include another gorgeous reveal using the same idea which is from Sian at Quite Frankly She Said. We need one of these feather balloons, like, now. It’s so pretty!




Baby clothes


Who can resist some excited pre-baby shopping following the results of a gender scan? Finally, you can go and splurge on some gorgeous baby clothes and cross your fingers that the sonographer hasn’t got it mixed up (don’t worry, it’s rare that this happens, we promise!) This is such a cute video from Mrs Meldrum where her two girls have picked some baby clothes for their new sibling - even they didn’t know what it was going to be as they asked the cashier to keep it a secret!

And lastly, something personal…


This gender reveal video from Budding Smiles gives us ALL a warm and fuzzy feel. Take a look and you’ll see why!


How did you reveal the gender of your little one? If you’re currently expecting, do you have any plans to do something similar to the reveals we’ve shared with you today? Please share your photos and videos with us! We’d love to see them - you can find us on Facebook!