Secret Saviours Testimonial: Sarah’s Story

This blogger was looking for a miracle – and she may have found it

We love candour here at Secret Saviours, so we had to show our appreciation for this blog post from Sarah, a blogging mum-to-be.

Sarah, who’s 22 weeks’ pregnant, opened up to her thousands of followers about her feelings on pregnancy stretch marks.

“Some women, of course, say stretch marks are beautiful and a sort of ‘badge of honour’ for having had your baby – all power to them. But most of us seem to think that you can keep that particular badge of honour, thanks very much!”

Sarah’s been testing Secret Saviours’ Anti Stretch Mark Pack for three weeks now and says she’s “really enjoying it”.

“I loved the way [the Anti Stretch Mark Underwear] felt on. It helps cut down on the aches and pains in my back and bump, so that’s a massive added bonus.”

She added: “I like the feeling of being supported and as someone used to wearing a waist trainer, I really like the feeling of my midsection being held in place a bit.”

She’s a fan of the Day Gel and Night Cream, too. “Both products are scented beautifully and smell like the expensive aromatherapy skin care used in a day spa, so I really liked that.

“The rituals of applying the [gel] and cream are also very soothing – and its so nice for my husband to be able to give me a little bump massage at night – very bonding.” That’s us – bringing couples together. 

Although Sarah still has four months to go, she says: “So far [there’s] not a single stretch mark to be seen." 

She’ll be using Secret Saviours throughout her pregnancy and reporting the results weekly on her blog, so bookmark it now to find out how she gets on.

And if you like what you’ve heard so far, get your Anti Stretch Mark Pack now.