It can be a challenge to feel like part of the festive fun when you’re pregnant and can’t drink or eat what you want. That’s why we’re sharing our favourite festive holiday mocktails that everyone will love. 
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    The best gifts for expectant mums are usually sentimental, indulging or spoiling. So, what gifts are the best to buy? We suggest you opt for something that will make pregnancy easier but don’t forget pretty items to remind her of this special time.
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    Yes, really. That means you can buy our award-winning 3-step system in either pink or black for just £63.99 – this 20% off the retail price lasts until midnight on Black Friday. 
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    It’s easy to get caught up in rumours about what you can and can’t do while pregnant. And because word-of-mouth spreads so quickly, especially through social media, many women believe things that simply aren’t true.
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    Many pregnant women and new mothers constantly wonder what can help with stretch marks once they have them. The truth is, although they will fade over time, they will never completely disappear.  There are treatments that can help get rid of stretch marks however, but of course, the best solution is to try to prevent them in the first place!
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    So what are the best foods to snack on while pregnant? Take a look at our expert recommendations.
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    Pregnancy can be a challenge and there are a lot of pressures. Many women find themselves dealing with body image issues during pregnancy.

    We thought we’d share five ways to help boost body confidence and avoid body image issues during pregnancy. 

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    After nine months of no periods this can be quite a shock. But’s it’s a perfectly natural way for your body to shed mucous, tissue and blood from your womb as it replaces its lining after giving birth. You may notice that the bleeding gets heavier when you’re breastfeeding and you may even get stomach cramps during this time.
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    Having a baby is going to change your life, but it doesn’t need to change your sense of style. We know there will be days when you’ll be more focussed on practicality than stepping out looking a million dollars, but a stylish changing bag will make all the difference.