How To Prevent Stretch Marks

How To Prevent Stretch Marks


From the sublime to the ridiculous, you've heard all the claims. But Secret Saviours are here to give you the definitive guide to stretch mark prevention: protection with clinically proven products; targeted exercising; and healthy eating

1. Protection

    The ultimate weapon against stretch marks is protection, which is exactly what our Anti Stretch Mark Pack is all about. Cover your bump in our soothing and moisturising Day Gel to prepare the skin for the Anti Stretch Mark Underwear. Covered with special pads that dissipate stresses and strains on the skin, the band will make it difficult for stretch marks to form. Wear it throughout the day for the best insurance against stretch marks. Once the day is done, set the band aside and refresh your skin with the Night Cream. We don’t nickname it “heaven scent” for nothing! Protect your skin with our pack by clicking here.


    2. Exercise

    Whether you could give Meghan Beesley a run for her money or you’re more of a couch sweet potato, you can find the perfect workout to match your ability. Staying fit during pregnancy helps with skin elasticity. It will also boost circulation, which gets oxygen pumping to the skin. We understand the importance of keeping active in pregnancy. That’s why we collaborated with top fitness trainer Natasha Brown to bring you FREE pregnancy exercises. Click here to take a look.


    3. Diet

    “Schmiet”, we hear you say. But no! Your eating habits are half the battle when it comes to keeping stretch marks at bay. The less junk food you eat during your pregnancy, the more likely you’ll get to keep your desired shape after you’ve given birth. Get started by checking out our tasty #RecipeSaviours.