Pregnancy Exercises | Tash's Top Tips 

Welcome to our series of FREE exercise routines, created exclusively for Secret Saviours by personal trainer Natasha Brown. Each one has been created specifically for women in pregnancy – in fact, Natasha has tailored her exercises for each trimester to help you adapt to your changing shape and weight gain.

If you are in your first trimester you can continue with most of your usual exercise routines. But you may find some of the top tips in Tash’s videos useful. And of course, the sooner you start your pelvic floor exercises the better!

Talk to your doctor, midwife or a physiotherapist on the phone before starting any exercise that's new to you.

Whichever trimester you’re in we recommend you watch Tash’s top tips to start with and then
CLICK HERE for Trimester 2 exercises or CLICK HERE for Trimester 3 exercises.

Whilst all of you lovely mums-to-be are self-isolating Tash is running virtual exercise classes on Facebook.

Starting next week at 11.30am. Tash will hold a class for Trimester 1 on Mondays, Trimester 2 on Wednesdays and Trimester 3 on Fridays. We know they’re going to be great fun, so make sure you join us then.

1.1 Pelvic Floor

1.2 Quality Trainers 

1.3 Drink More Water 

1.4 Modify Exercises 

1.5 Baby Nap Exercises 

1.6 Gentle Exercise 

1.7 Sports Bra 

1.8 Back Muscles 

1.9 Strong Core 

1.10 Short Stretches 

1.11 Standing Plank 

1.12 Cushion 

CLICK HERE to see second trimester exercises.