Ten ideas for announcing your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day

What day could possibly be better to announce your pregnancy and future child than a day dedicated to love?

As the most romantic day of the year approaches why not consider some of these exciting ways to announce your pregnancy during Valentine’s Day.

1. Photoshoot time

A home-made photoshoot may just be the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day whilst pregnant. Put on your favourite outfit and have a fun evening taking selfies with your partner, or just mum and baby if you’d prefer. You’re sure to end up with a really fun image to use when announcing your big news - just send it to everyone you want to be in the know. See our favourite fun pregnancy photo ideas here.

Baby announcement

2. Keep things simple and spend the day with your partner

Why not spend your pregnant Valentine’s Day getting-in some quality time with your partner, with these 14 Valentine's Day Ideas To Do When Pregnant and make your announcement the old fashioned way – by calling up your loved ones together to share your wonderful news!

pregnant lady planning

3. Laugh the day away

Spend your Valentine’s Day laughing and capture one of the moments in a humorous pregnancy announcement post, that you can share knowing it will bring a smile to all your family and friends’ faces!

big brother pregnancy announcement

4. Glamorous pregnancy shoot

Get back in touch with your glamorous side, by indulging in a really beautiful and dramatic maternity shoot. You’ll have breath-taking pregnancy photos you can share with friends and family, to announce your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day, as well as some lovely pictures to start off your maternity book!

glamourous pregnancy announcement

5. Be a movie star for the day

Make a fun video to announce your pregnancy this Valentine’s Day. Then splash it all over your social media.  For other great ideas for sharing your fabulous news on social – head to our past blog the Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas on Social Media.

home movie pregnancy announcement

6. A Valentines party

Announce your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day with all the people you love around you at the same time. Why not organise a group dinner party this Valentine’s Day– we can’t think of a better way to spend this special evening! Or if there are just too many people you need to tell at the same time then why not wait until next weekend and have a post Valentine’s Day Announcement Party! We’ve got some fab Spring mocktails  you can make so you feel super special on the day!

valentnes party announcement

7. A film montage

It’s likely you’ve been collecting photos, videos and mementos from your pregnancy – so why not find all the cute home video and behind the scenes-style clips, that you have of this time and create a video montage with them. Not only is this a unique way to announce your pregnancy, but it will serve as a lovely time capsule for your future baby too.

movie montage pregnancy reveal

8. Arts & crafts

If your pregnancy mementos are physical – photos, receipts, scans and more, spend your Valentine’s Day getting creative to announce the news with a crafts project. Whether a collage to share in person or on social, or a whole scrap book to pass around for a more personal pregnancy announcement, this will be a really special memory for you and a lovely, peaceful way to spend your pregnant Valentine’s Day.

arts and crafts pregnancy announcement

9. A Valentine’s cake reveal

A big part of Valentine’s Day is the food, the strawberries, the chocolate, the luxurious treats. Why not bake a special sweet treat to announce your pregnancy this Valentine’s Day- it’ll make the announcement a piece of cake!  Share a picture on social media and then you can visit your close friends and family to offer them a piece of your special cake which is a great way of involving them in your existing news.

cake reveal pregnancy

10. Follow a Valentine's Day tradition

It’s a long-standing tradition to send cards to your secret crush or your love on Valentine's Day, so why not replicate this tradition to announce your pregnancy on Valentine's Day.

send a card pregnancy announcement

No matter how you decide to make  your Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement, one thing’s for sure – there will be love in abundance this year!

And don’t forget, if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift to ask you partner to get you this Valentine’s Day, there couldn’t be anything better than one of our stretch mark prevention kits!

stretch mark prevention is a real thing