Fashion colour trends in 2023


What colour should a pregnant woman wear in 2023?

pregnant tummy wearing pink with 2 sets of hands

Well, finding the right colours to wear can be tricky at the best of times, wondering if that neon orange shirt is really flattering, if your big green coat is a bit too much - and of course, during pregnancy picking colourful options can be even more scary.

With so many changes going on from your growing bump to changes in your skin, your hair, and your hormones, picking brightly coloured maternity clothing can feel a little daunting.

But pregnancy is no reason you should miss out on the latest fashion trends, not to mention that wearing bright, bold colours can be so uplifting (especially in these grey winter months) The myth that you should stick to dark colours needs to be dispelled! Your maternity wear should make you feel just as important, stylish and confident as your non-maternity clothing.

So let’s talk about the colour of the moment - pink! And just how you can wear pink in pregnancy.

Finding your Colour 

Finding the perfect colours and shades to suit you can feel like an intimidating mission. But there are many simple tricks to help you find the tones that will flatter you during your pregnancy.

First, a famous one - turn over your palm and look at the colour of the veins that you can see on the inside of your wrist. If they are a blue-ish purple then you supposedly have a cool undertone, whilst more yellow or green tones mean you have warm undertones. What does that mean? Well, warm undertones mean you may be better suited to warm colours like reds, oranges and yellows, and cool undertones mean you should try out cooler colours like blues and greens.

Another way to find your perfect pregnancy colour palette is use your eye colour (grey, green or blue being cool and brown or hazel being warm) or even your hair colour (with brown, red and auburn being warm and black, grey and ashy blonde or brown being cool).

With that being said there is no right or wrong way to wear colour! And a lot of new upcoming stylists and designers actually think that trying to strictly match your wardrobe to ‘your colours’ is a bit old fashioned. As with anything, there’s value to colour matching tactics if it makes you more confident. 

If you want to take a more laid back approach to filling your pregnancy wardrobe with colours here are a few tips:

  • Try before you buy! Go into a shop and try on some colourful pieces to see what you feel good ion.
  • Ease into it – if you feel very fearful of jumping straight in with bright colours try easing in pastels, blues and more neutral tones before working up to the bolder pieces.
  • Pick the colours you love! Don’t feel like you need to pick the brightest and boldest pink if you actually prefer the dusty rose, this is all about feeling good during your pregnancy so wear the colours that make you happy.
  • Have a look at your wardrobe first – there’s nothing worse than bringing home a great new item before finding that it doesn’t match anything that you own. It’s especially important during pregnancy as you can’t necessarily wear everything in your wardrobe with that baby bump! Look at the maternity clothes you already have and think about what will match them well.
  • Why not try out a print instead – it may be easier to match with the multiple colours of a nice print than to try and match a single coloured statement piece. Current trends for prints are classic jumpers like argyle and Breton stripes, why not purchase a fun colourful interpretation of these staple pieces.

What colours are trendy?

In short there is one colour of the moment; and it’s pink!


Pantones colour of the year for 2023 was a deep, rich pink shade they named ‘Viva Magenta’. Dopamine dressing (the style of dressing in bright, dopamine releasing colours and fun textiles) has been taking off since we were able to leave our pandemic shut-ins, and it’s no surprise. A little colour and fun in your wardrobe can truly add pep to your step and improve your day.

Through Pantones colour trend analysis of 2022, and predictions for 2023, the experts there say we are in a fearless phase, after the last few years, wearing bright colours that celebrate our rediscovered freedom and the excitement of trying something new! Aside from their Magenta colour of the year they also shared a bold beetroot purple/pink and a clear pastel shade as key colour trends emerging for the year ahead. 

pantone colour of the year 2023

pink swatches


‘Barbiecore’ was another huge trend in fashion towards the end of 2022 thanks to Greta Gerwoods new Barbie movie, and of course the colour pink came hand in hand with that. For a long time pink has held strong links with femininity, which understandably makes some people curl their toes. But this outdated link to the colour has been challenged for years now. Pantones colour of the year in 2016 was ‘Millennial Pink’ described as symbolising gender equality and non-violence, whilst also representing youth and innocence. There has almost been a form of reclamation towards the dismissive associations of the colour to ‘girly girls’, with feminists marching in pink knitted hats that became a symbol of female solidarity and the power of our collective actions.

Isn’t that a strong statement to make whilst pregnant! 

bright pink colour splash
crowd wearing pink clothing

To add to that Valentino released a collection last year featuring nothing but a bright pink colour that they called ‘Valentino Pink’ – consequently throws of celebrities were stepping out in head to toe pink for the rest of the year and still are. From Lizzo to Anne Hathaway, Lady GaGa to Zendaya, women around the world have been making themselves seen in hot pink looks. 

Flash mob pink

And despite what you may think, pink truly is a colour for everyone, it’s fun, its loud, and it brings a bit of light into your day. Maybe hot pink head to toe isn’t a look you’ll want to wear every day, but it certainly isn’t a maternity fashion colour trend you should shy away from.

women wearing different pink fashions

Try a pink jumper underneath your favourite winter coat, throw a pink scarf on as you leave the house, buy some statement pink shoes to add a pop of colour to your next party outfit, or even just invest in a gorgeous pair of pink socks to just add a little flash of colour under your cosy maternity jeans.

You also don’t need to wear a really bold pink to be part of this trend, cosy maternity wear in pastel pink or a cool dusty shade can be a really easy, comfortable way to swap out a neutral and give your pregnancy clothing a fashion update. Imagine – a dusty pink blouse for work instead of your average white one, even a hot pink manicure will do the trick.

What we’re shopping

As an easy addition to any outfit, we adore this oversized pink scarf, for just £17.

oversized pink scarf

These fun pink socks (£20) from Happy Socks definitely live up to the brands name, in a fun pink shade with an adorable cherry icon on the side they will bring a little moment of joy to any outfit.

fun pink socks

This gorgeous alpaca-blend jumper (£59) has a cropped fit that makes it perfect for both formal and casual wear during the first few months of your pregnancy.  Wear over a pretty pastel dress for a dreamy girly look, or with a pair of smart trousers in a dark colour for something more masculine and formal.

gorgeous alpaca-blend jumper

Floral dresses are the perfect transitional item to take you from autumn with a pair of boots and nice jacket, through into spring and summer with trainers or sandals and a pretty pair of sunglasses. This pretty pink floral maternity dress (£49 now reduced to £19!) has enchanting vintage inspired sleeves and a floaty over bump shape which we love.

pretty pink floral maternity dress

This pink checked maternity shirt (£28) is an almost neutral, very easy way to slip a layer of pink into your wardrobe.

checked maternity shirt

And in our January Sale we’ve taken 20% off our pink Stretch Mark Prevention Bands so that you can hop onto the trend and keep stretch marks at bay too!

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The takeaway?

Colour shouldn’t be scary.

Your pregnancy fashion should be about self-expression, comfort and feeling good during this exciting time!

You can think about what shades and tones suit you best without having to consult an expert or spend a lot of money getting your chart done, and if this makes you feel more confident then it’s definitely an exercise worth doing, you could even make an afternoon of it with a few girlfriends and all figure out your own undertones.

However don’t feel like you need any kind of validation to wear whatever colours you want to. Whether you want to wear head to toe Valentino pink, or even just a pink pair of socks that only you know about – just go for it!

This is truly a fashion trend that everyone can get involved in.