How To Keep Yourself Fit During Pregnancy

Even with social distancing and lockdown measures in force, December was probably a time to let your guard down and treat yourself to a few extra chocolates, mince pies and other Christmas goodies (yeah, we skipped the bit about bubbly – that’ll have to wait until Christmas 2021).

And to compensate for the lack of social events and family gatherings, we bet, like us, you’ve forfeited a few walks/at-home workouts for a veg-out on the sofa and a good movie!

Pregnant woman kneeling on a yoga mat listening to headphones

Last week was all about getting your head around the end of the festive season and embracing the New Year (after all, even in these challenging times you’ve got the excitement of your baby to look forward to this year!). So that means now's the time to put those New Year’s resolutions in place and kick start your 2021 workout routine.

Sounds miserable right?  Wrong! With top pregnancy fitness tips from our exercise expert Tash, we’re sure you’ll be ready to snap out of the January blues and get yourself back into shape in no time.

Natasha Brown coaching a pregnant mum-to-be at home

Tash is convinced it’s all about the prep and upping your motivation levels.

Once you’ve run through her 8 pregnancy workout preparation tips below we’re sure you’ll be ready to focus on how to keep yourself fit during pregnancy.

So let’s get into it!

1. Routine, routine, routine!

Pregnant lady sat warming up on a yoga mat

First off, for all of you pregnant women looking to get into shape – routine is key. If you schedule your workout just like you would a doctor’s appointment, or a real-life gym class, then you’re much more likely to commit to it.

Pick a time of the day that will fit around your other commitments and stick to it come what may – not only will it make it easier for you to follow your routine, but work colleagues, family and friends will quickly come to respect you’re not to be contacted then.

2. Get rid of all those distractions

4. Mum-to-be sat next resting on a couch

If you’re wondering how to keep yourself fit during pregnancy one great tip is to get rid of distractions.

To keep focused on your workout prepare the space you’ll be using before you start.

Maybe make some space by decluttering a little so nothing can distract you.

Don’t move the sofa last minute then, spend all of your allocated exercise time clearing up all the things you discovered underneath it!

3. Prepare your technology

Pregnant woman working out with friends via online video link

Our next tip from Tash; prepare your technology.

The bigger the better if you’re working out from a screen at home, so set up YouTube on your TV if you can, for a much more realistic class experience.

All of Tash’s trimester specific pregnancy workouts are on our YouTube channel or you can catch them each week at 11am on our Facebook page (trimester 1 on Mondays, trimester 2 on Wednesdays and trimester 3 on Fridays).

If you prefer creating your own routine rather than following someone else’s workout, why not head over to our Exercise Page - Tash demonstrates a whole range of exercises that will not only help you keep fit during pregnancy, but they’ll get you into top shape, ready for labour, too.

Pregnant exercise in the garden or local park

Of course, if you have limited space at home you can always download one of Tash’s workouts, or one of the many pregnancy exercise apps out there, find your headphones, and hide out in a quiet corner of the house.

Or why not head out to your garden or a quiet spot in your local park. Even in this cold weather, fresh air can make for a relaxing pregnancy workout! (You’ll probably enjoy the opportunity to leave the house too!).

4. Listen to your body

Pregnant lady sat on her bed stretching

Another important tip – listen to your body! Don’t aim for an hour of rigorous physical activity on day one if you can’t handle that much.

All our Secret Saviours’ workout videos are 30 minutes long, but if after 10 minutes you can tell that’s enough for you, then stop right there!

You can always come back to finish the next 20 minutes later on, or even the next day.

This way you won’t over-exert yourself, and you’ll finish your exercises feeling strong, accomplished and ready for the next one – instead of exhausted, in pain and terrified to ever workout again!

5. Get rid of those tempting snacks

Another great way to kick off your New Year’s Resolution to stay in shape while pregnant is to donate, re-gift, or clear out any leftover sugary Christmas snacks that you really don’t need anymore.

We know only too well that if the temptation is there it’s almost impossible to stop munching - even when all that’s left is those Strawberry Cream chocolates that you don’t even like!

6. Get your playlist ready

Pregnant woman resting after exercise with her online friends

One sure-fire way to nail your pregnancy exercises – make an amazing workout playlist. 

If you have a regular workout routine, so don’t need to focus on new instructions, then losing yourself in some motivating sounds is always a big help.

Why not use the same playlist you’ve compiled for labour – we’ve made some recommendations on the best ways to pull this together in a recent blog, which might help get you started.

7. Mix it up

Mum-to-be exercising with small hand held weights

Make sure you find the types of exercise that you enjoy. It will help keep you motivated and make regular exercising so much easier to follow.

Maybe some days you like walking, or running, whilst others you like to be part of a class. Maybe you prefer to workout alone - strength training might get your heart racing (in a good way) – or you may prefer cardio.

Sometimes you may fancy training with a workout buddy and others following a pre-recorded and familiar workout routine … Whatever makes you feel motivated and confident – do that!

8. Schedule in ‘me time’

Pregnant woman sat on exercise ball holding her baby bump

Finally, don’t let perfectionism get in the way of staying fit during pregnancy. If you try to schedule your 30 minute workout with your children’s 30 minute nap time you can guarantee today they won’t have a nap.

This is your alone time, your self-care time, your selfish time – and that’s absolutely fine! 30 minutes a day to get in touch with your body, let go of your worries and do some exercise is not a bad thing.

So don’t feel guilty if you have to park your children in front of the TV for 30 minutes – this is your ‘me time’. (And you’re pregnant, you deserve it!)

So, there you have it. You’ve now got all the motivation and self-starter tips you need to kick start your regular fitness routine.

Don’t let any of those pregnancy myths about avoiding exercise put you off – we promise they are just myths. If in doubt get the ‘all clear’ from your doctor or midwife first, then by listening to your body and following Tash’s workouts, specifically designed for expecting mothers, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


Just to remind you Tash has created a whole host of exercises and workout routines specifically targeted at each trimester.  Here are the quick links to make finding them a breeze:

  1. Quick essential exercises to keep yourself fit during pregnancy
  2. Regular 30 minute workouts posted at 11am three times a week (trimester 1: Monday, trimester 2: Wednesday, trimester 3: Friday) on our Facebook page or over on our You Tube channel

If you want a quick summary of Tash’s exercises you can always head over to a blog we posted on pregnancy fitness tips last year.

Natasha Brown coaching online pregnancy exercise video

Better still - if you have more questions for Tash about how to keep yourself fit during pregnancy, what exercises to do for your specific concerns, and staying in shape whilst pregnant then you’re in luck.

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So, see you then!