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    How To Choose a Baby Name?

    • 8 min read

    1. Pregnant woman with post-it notes on here exposed tummy with names of various girls names

    If you’ve been asking yourself ‘what shall I name my baby?’ recently, then this is the blog for you!

    Picking the name that you will be saying countless times a day and your baby will be using for the rest of their life – scary!

    We asked our social media followers if they’d already chosen the name for their baby and found out that only half of them had!

    So, to help the rest of you figure out how to choose a baby name you love, we’ve put together 15 top tips to help you pick something that the whole family will be happy with for years to come.

    And to make life even easier we’ve listed the top baby names that are being picked so far this year. If choosing a popular name, or avoiding one, is for you then check out the top 50 below.

    1. Try to avoid anything too trendy

    This is going to be your baby’s name forever, so try to think about how it will sound in 10 years’ time, or in twenty. Will it have to be repeated and explained every time they introduce themselves?

    Is it misspelt in a trendy way (e.g. Jakxsen or Rybekkah) that may just become confusing, does it reference a popular film (e.g. Elsa or Katniss) that you love now but will lose its meaning in a few decades?

    Does it incorporate stylish punctuation (e.g. Prin’cess) that may end up being a hassle to explain? Obviously if an unusual spelling or name has a deeper family or cultural meaning then go for it – but if you are tempted to choose a name for trendy reasons we suggest giving it a pass.

    2. Think about your surname too

    2. baby with lots of names surrounding her

    When thinking about how to pick a baby name ask yourself - does the baby name you pick clash with your last name, or even worse does it rhyme?

    If your chosen name happens to create alliteration with your last name (e.g. Larry Lemon) or rhyme with it (e.g. Lilly Billie) it may not be the most practical choice for your baby.

    Try saying the full name out loud instead of just looking at it on paper – this way you can see if it has a rhythmic flow or if it’s a bit of a mouthful.

    3. Remember to check the initials

    Children notice everything, even if you missed the fact that little Betty Ursula Morgan’s full initials spell ‘B U M’ her future classmates won’t. 

    4. Contemplate nicknames

    Of course a nickname isn’t the most important thing  when you’re thinking about how to choose a baby name, but again any obvious rude nicknames could prove an issue for your child in the future.

    On the other hand a long name without any easy nicknames could be a bit more difficult in practice. If you can find a baby name you love, that has a really beautiful nickname too, you’ll have hit the jackpot!

    This is something you could miss whilst considering names, so we recommend running them past family and close friends, just in case any unfortunate nicknames spring to mind.

    5. Research the popularity of the name

    If you’re keen to follow, or avoid, popular names it’s important to keep up with the most commonly chosen baby names right now.

    The UK’s most popular baby names of 2022 are Lily and Muhammad. Lily replaces last year’s number one name Olivia, and Muhammad remains the same for the 2nd year running.

    We have listed the top 50 below, but if you’re keen to choose a baby name that is extremely special and unique then why not check if the names you are interested in are trending up or down on one of these websites: BabyNameWizard.com or Nameberry.com

    6. Look up meanings

    There’s nothing worse than choosing a baby name you love, only to find out later that it has a meaning you hadn’t been aware of.

    Some meanings may really appeal to you, but others can be quite obscure – did you know Cecilia means ‘blind’ or that Barden means living near a boar’s den!

    Why not check out the meaning of some of the latest boys’ names here  and girls’ names here 

    7. Don’t choose a name just to be unusual

    3. pregnant woman with a list of baby names

    For some parents a name just as unique as their baby is important. Chances are if you’re currently wondering what shall I name my baby you want your baby to be easy to distinguish from their classmates and feel special.

    However if you choose a name just because it’s unusual you risk your child ending up with something that will divide opinion and may even go out of fashion in a few years.

    The same applies to names with less common spellings - if it sounds like, or rhymes with, a more common name your baby will probably blend into the crowd anyway.

    An unusual spelling might just cause them endless grief throughout their life so think carefully before going down this route!

    8. Think about family names

    Do you have other children? If you do it may be worth considering how the new names on your list fit with the names of your existing family.

    8. Mum and child writing a list of baby names together

    If they sound too similar (e.g. Ellie and Ella) you may find yourself constantly reminding people who is who, if they sound too well matched (e.g. Bill and Ben) you may feel like you’re calling over a TV comedy duo not your own children.

    Think about how it would sound calling them all down for dinner and see how the names go together.

    9. People will come around

    4. pregnant mum to be with question marks on post-it notes on her tummy

    Family who shake their heads at a certain name will learn to love it. The second there is a cute little baby to hold as they say the name, any negativity they shared towards it as a hypothetical suggestion will disappear.

    So, whilst listening to opinions and advice is good, don’t let friends or family sway you from a name you’re really in love with.

    10. Test the name on friends

    Even if you don’t want to reveal your choice to your friends and family it can be good to run it past a select few people, or even to an anonymous online group.

    As we mentioned before other people may realise the unfortunate words the initials spell out or know of a certain celebrity that shares the name.

    They may also be able to point out names that others will struggle to spell or pronounce, or names that just confuse people.

    So, we recommend listening to some honest advice, and even if you decide not to take it onboard, at least you will be prepared for any confusion that comes your way!

    11. Don’t stress over name associations

    It can cause a few ructions at home if the name your partner likes happens to be the same as the boy who teased you at school, or if the baby name you're considering for your daughter is the same as the mean boss who fired you.

    But negative associations will disappear and be replaced with thoughts of your perfect baby as soon as you lay eyes on them, so don’t give up on a beautiful name just because it reminds you of one negative experience.

    Pop culture name associations are another story. You may want to do a quick google search to make sure your child doesn’t share an exact name with a celebrity (especially if it’s a celebrity who was involved in a big scandal).

    It may turn out that this association is one everyone reminds you about time and time again. That being said Pop culture can change everyone’s opinion about a name overnight, so you’ll need to be prepared for name associations to change along the way, whatever name you choose.

    For example, when Kourtney Kardashian picked the name Mason for her first child the popularity skyrocketed and it’s celebrity associations quickly changed. The safest bet is to pick a name you love so you can be confident in your choice no matter which celebs come and go.  

    12. Imagine your baby with this name when they are an adult

    5. New mum smiling at baby

    Your baby will grow up. A name that is adorable on a newborn may just not be appropriate for a working adult.

    Think about Boo becoming a lawyer, it may be unfair but some names just don’t get taken seriously.

    If you really love a cute name, perhaps pick a more traditional middle name as a ‘back up’ that your child will be able to use for work. And that brings us perfectly onto the next tip.

    13. Consider the middle name too

    Not only does a well-chosen middle name give an alternative for your child later in life, it also gives you the chance to honour a family member or pick another to create the perfect full name that really flows.

    Often the middle name works as a double name – the possibilities for this are endless. It works well to choose two short syllable names (eg Sadie Mae) or alternatively a long syllable followed by a short syllable (eg Riley Jean).

    14. Does your baby suit the name?

    Definitely think about the name before birth. But once your list is down to your top three you can wait, and actually get to know your baby before choosing a name that suits their personality.

    You have six weeks after the birth to register their name, so take this time to make sure it suits them perfectly before you make your final decision.

    15. Make sure your partner also loves the name

    If you have a partner, one or both of you may have to sacrifice your favourite name so you can choose one that pleases you both. It’ll be worth the sacrifice to avoid resentment and make sure everyone involved feels respected and happy.

    And a final bonus tip for you on how to choose a baby name – don’t stress, whatever name you choose will be perfect. There’s a lot of pressure to choose the ideal name, but at the end of the day you’ll love whatever you decide once your little one joins you in the world.

    Just remember that you can always use a nickname, middle name or even last name instead if you really do change your mind later. Try not to obsess, just go with what feels right – trust in that mothers’ intuition!

    Top baby names so far in 2022


    1 Lily


    2 Sophia Noah
    3 Olivia Jack
    4 Amelia Theo
    5 Ava Leo
    6 Isla Oliver
    7 Freya George
    8 Aria Ethan
    9 Ivy Oscar
    10 Mia Arthur
    11 Elsie Charlie
    12 Emily Freddie
    13 Ella Harry
    14 Grace Zayn
    15 Isabella Alfie
    16 Evie Finley
    17 Hannah Henry
    18 Luna Luca
    19 Maya Thomas
    20 Daisy Aiden
    21 Zoe Archie
    22 Millie Teddy
    23 Rosie Lucas
    24 Layla Ryan
    25 Isabelle Kai
    26 Zara Liam
    27 Fatima Jaxon
    28 Harper Louie
    29 Nur William
    30 Charlotte Jacob
    31 Esme Ali
    32 Florence Caleb
    33 Maryam Isaac
    34 Poppy Joshua
    35 Sienna Jude
    36 Sophie James
    37 Aisha Jayden
    38 Emilia Adam
    39 Willow Arlo
    40 Emma Daniel
    41 Evelyn Elijah
    42 Eliana Max
    43 Maisie Tommy
    44 Alice Ezra
    45 Chloe Mason
    46 Erin Theodore
    47 Hallie Roman
    48 Mila Dylan
    49 Phoebe Reuben
    50 Lyla Albie


    Now you know about all the things you need to consider when picking a name for your baby – why not use the checklist below to get started:

    1. Look to family names and family traditions. Why not try out the name generator website for some great ideas 
    2. Honour your heritage by researching some culture-specific names that hark back to your ancestors, religion or your culture
    3. Consider place names as a popular inspiration
    4. Think of names from popular culture, we don’t mean celebrity or character names here, but perhaps songs, artists, film stars, etc
    5. Research historical names, such as names relating to mythology or astrology (think powerful names like Venus or Luna), or modernised versions (e.g. Harmony from the goddess Harmonia)
    6. Try out names inspired by nature – maybe colour names like ‘Blue’, seasonal names like ‘Winter’ or floral names like ‘Lilly’.
    7. Don’t forget to consider traditional names – they don’t have to be boring, you can try searching through some ‘vintage’ names to inspire you.


    If the seven pointers above don’t help you why not check out the social services administration website - you can search the most popular baby names from any year since 1879!  

    For all of those who are still asking how to choose a baby name, we hope we’ve helped. And for those who are overflowing with great ideas, please feel free to add your own suggestions to our Instagram list.

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