9 Pregnancy Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 3

Read our previous lists? You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!

19. Decorating the nursery


If you fancy yourself the next Sarah Beeny, there’s a lot of fun to be had on this one. “So we’ll put the crib here; and that print we had made there; Oh! And the rocking chair over there…”

20. Maternity leave. Err – hello!!!


Time off to kick your feet up, hang out with The Bump and plan the nursery? AND get paid for it? Oh yes; life is good.

21. The ‘Get Out of Everything Free’ Card


No more umming and ahhing trying to politely decline a social invitation. “I wish I could, but this morning sickness is kicking my butt!”

22. Sex drive through the roof



Sometimes. Many women have reported weeks where they felt like they couldn’t get enough of their partner. Grrr! This works out particularly well, as…

23. Your orgasms will be even better



You can thank the increased blood flow to your nether regions for this one. How fabulous…

24. Baby showers!



Not only will you have a party in your honour, you’ll be able to catch up with all the friends and family members who are excited about the new person you’re growing. But best of all, cake. Say no more!

25. Queue for the loo? PAH!



Watch in amazement as the crowd of women and children parts for Her Majesty and Bump.

26. Baby shopping!



Need we say more?

27. Free dental treatment!



Yes! Thanks to the NHS, you are now entitled to free dental care until your child is a year old. Get on the case! You’re also entitled to free prescriptions. You’re welcome!

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