New Parents To Save Hundreds Avoiding Useless Products

Step away from the credit card! New research has revealed a list of products new parents can in fact do without

Consumer watchdog Which? has revealed that expectant parents could save up to £408 by avoiding 10 unnecessary products.

The company asked more than 2,000 parents to vote for the most and least useful baby products they’ve bought in preparation for their new baby.

The survey found the least useful products included a manual breast pump and nappy disposal bin, while the most useful items included a stair gate and audio baby monitor.

Which? editor Richard Headland said, “Deciding which baby products to buy is one of many big and costly decisions you need to make.”

He added, “Our advice is to choose carefully, as there are products that will make life with a newborn that much easier, and those you can probably do without and save money.” 

Check out the full list below.

Top 10 Most Useful

  1. Stair gate
  2. Audio baby monitor
  3. Electric steam steriliser kit
  4. Baby change bag
  5. Video baby monitor
  6. Baby sleep bag
  7. Digital ear thermometer
  8. Microwave steam steriliser kit
  9. Baby bouncer/rocker chair
  10. Changing unit

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Top 10 Least Useful

  1. Door baby bouncer
  2. Baby washing bowls
  3. Manual breast pump
  4. Cot mobile
  5. Bumbo seat
  6. Nappy stacker
  7. Swaddling blanket
  8. Baby reins
  9. Nappy disposal bin
  10. Fabric sling/standard baby carrier