Secret Saviours Testimonial: Hannah’s Story

She’s a mum of two and not a fan of fussy beauty regimes. But can Secret Saviours change all that?

Hannah is a Buckinghamshire blogger of all things mummy related. With two boys, Beastie and Baby Beastie, she’s expecting a daughter later this year.

Just because she’s already been through previous pregnancies without Secret Saviours, doesn’t mean she can’t benefit the third time around. Hannah feels the same way and she’s kindly written all about her experience of using our products on her blog.

“I have to admit that my bump care regime has been pretty laid back, in fact practically non existent," she writes on her Mummy And The Beasties blog. 

“It’s been extremely lazy of me and it wasn’t until I saw this [Anti Stretch Mark] system that I thought it might be something I live to regret.

“I was lucky to not get any stretch marks with both my boys. I have old stretch marks around my hips and thighs but never developed any on my stomach. However, the fact that I have stretch marks elsewhere proves that it is always possible. When the skin just can’t take anymore then it will mark.”

Hannah was familiar with support bands with her first pregnancy, but had an unpleasant experience. “[It] was uncomfortable towards the end of the day and it never made an appearance during my second pregnancy – in fact I have no idea where it is.

“This [Anti Stretch Mark] Band, I am pleased to say, is very comfortable. Although it fits well under my bump, I don’t feel like it is cutting in like the last one. This does feel a little bit weird to start with, but it’s something that soon becomes second nature and hardly thought about. It really does feel like a second skin.”

The underwear wasn’t the only thing Hannah loved about the pack.

“I loved the scent of the gel and cream, which is always a massive thing for me. I smell everything and even if a product claims to be a wonder product, if it doesn’t smell great to me, then I won’t use it.” 

Hannah adds, “The Night Cream is my favourite. It’s quite light in texture and rubs in really easily. So no thick cream that takes ages to apply or soak in. It smells like a luxurious aromatherapy product that you might be indulged with at a spa – perfect for winding down at night time before you curl up in bed.”

“I’m now 26 weeks pregnant [and] so far, no stretch marks and my bump is feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom.” We aim to please! 

Click here to read Hannah’s blog in full.