Secret Saviours Testimonial: Simone’s Story

She’s married to a geek and trialing our Anti Stretch Mark Pack in her second trimester

Meet Simone. Mum of one and in her second trimester with Baby Baker, Simone writes about all things beautiful, fashionable and edible on her blog, Married To A Geek. Now she’s writing about all things Baby Bakerish – and that includes trialing our amazing Anti Stretch Mark Pack.

Simone says, “There's certainly a lot of things that continually run through my mind now that I am expecting a little one, that's for sure. Whilst it may not be the most important niggle of them all, the subject of stretch marks is certainly something I do tend to think about a little bit.

“I really don't want huge red marks all over the place, not if I can help it anyway. I totally understand that stretch marks are a very natural part of pregnancy for the majority of Mums-To-Be, but that doesn't mean that I have to like them or want them.”

Simone was open to trying Secret Saviours and has been sharing her thoughts on her blog.

“I initially thought the elasticity and tightness of the band would be a little restricting and uncomfortable to wear all day, especially underneath my work clothes, but in fact this wasn't the case at all. 

“I found the band an excellent support. It has really helped reduce the amount of backache I have been getting – fantastic for when I'm running around, constantly on my feet at work.”

Anti Stretch Mark Band: check! And the Day Gel and Night Cream?

“Amazing too – really moisturising. I especially enjoy the Night [Cream] as it is so rich with a fresh, relaxing scent – perfect for an after-bath tummy massage.” Pampering: that’s what we’re all about!

“Here's to a case of 'Stretch Marks - Be Gone.'” We’re right there with you, Simone!

Check out Simone’s fabulous blog here.