Baby Brain Is “All In Your Mind”

Well if the boffins say it’s true, then it must be so, right?

Someone’s trying to rob you of The Best Pregnancy Get-Out Clause Ever, AKA baby brain. According to some busy bodies who don’t know when to leave well enough alone, the phenomenon is in fact a state of mind!

The clever clogs from Brigham University in Salt Lake City put 21 pregnant women through an assault course of mental tests just before they popped and again after they gave birth. They also gave the same tests to another group of 21 women, this time who were without child and found both groups did as well as each other.

Leader of the pack professor Michael Larson reckons mums-to-be have such a strong expectation to have brains like mush that they inadvertently switch off, according to the Mail Online.

So what do you think, ladies? Is professor Larson onto something? Or are you faking it?

Read the full Mail Online article here.