Secret Saviours Testimonial: Update!

That’s a first…

Remember when we told you about mum-to-be-blogger Jules? She documents the joys of pregnancy in her blog Pondering Parenthood, including using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. 

Well, Jules has a Secret Saviours update for her readers! Jules has been using the pack for six weeks now. One thing she loves about using the Night Cream in particular is its bonding ability.

Jules said, “It’s become a bit of a nighttime ritual for [my husband] to help me massage it into my bump. It’s something of a bonding experience for him, me and baby, which is really lovely.” (Click here to read our blog post on top ways to bond with your bump.)

At 28 weeks pregnant, Jules admits there’s “still a way to go”, but so far, so good. “I can honestly say there isn’t a hint of one [stretch mark] appearing.” 

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