7 Ways To Bond With Your Bump

March 22, 2016

Feeling disconnected to your bump? Read on!

It’s not the end of the world if you forget your due date; haven't bought a single item for your little one; or if you feel completely unmoved by the size of baby booties. 

But if you fancy some tips on how to bond with your bump, try these on for size.


Let’s Talk!

No, you won’t be considered strange if you decide to start conversing with your bump! It’s totally adorable and is a great way for you to connect with your little one. Tell them about your day; or how much you can’t wait to meet them. A bad joke. Whatever it is, get yacking!



As well as being a great way to relax, this is an excellent bonding technique. Try it by taking a warm bath (emphasis on “warm”!), maybe get some bubbles in there and light a candle or six. Then just breathe and once you’re relaxed, start to imagine your baby (or babies if you’re having a multiple birth!). Imagine what they’ll look like and cuddling them. After enough sessions, you’ll be super-keen to meet the little one(s) in person!


Pregnancy Yoga


From your second semester onwards, this is another great way for you to relax but it also enables you to focus on your baby. As well as some great poses, you’ll learn important breathing techniques which could prove to be your BFFs during labour.


Keep Your Scan On Your Nightstand


This will help remind you the ultimate reason for all your discomfort, nausea, irrational mood swings and voracious appetite is to bring this lovely little human being into the world. An actual person! How cool is that?!


Massage Your Bump


Now, we promise we didn’t intend to plug our Night Cream with this one! But it really is a great way for you to bond with your baby. Aromatherapy is often recommended, so our cream is ideal. Take in the soothing scents of rose, patchouli and geranium while moisturising your bump and checking in with the tiny person getting ready to join you.


Let The Music Play!


According to studies, babies love the sound of music with a strong, regular beat because it reminds them of your heartbeat. So dust off the Kylie Minogue, blast the Katy Perry and sing your heart out!


Say “Cheeeeeeeeeese!”


Get camera-ready and book yourself a professional photo shoot. It’s a great way to make the day all about you while reminding yourself how gorgeous you look with your new bump. Trust us, you’ll regret looking back in 10 years’ time and having no images of you in your glowing state. Click here for our photo shoot tips.

How else are you bonding with your bump? Let other mums-to-be know below.

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Size Guide

To calculate the size of band that's right for you, you'll need to measure around your waist and bump across its largest point - usually at the tummy button.

Bump Size* S M L XL
80 - 100 cms
(32 - 40 inches)
100 - 120 cms
(40 - 48 inches)
120 - 140 cms
(48- 56 inches)
140+ cms
(56+ inches)

 *All bumps are different and grow at different times. You may find that you will need to go up a size as your pregnancy progresses