6 Steps To A Better Night's Sleep

It’s easy when you know how

The trick here is a blend of action and relaxation. Wear yourself out during the day and it'll make nodding off that much easier!

1. Eat Well, Sleep Well!   


Try eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Full of nutrients and vitamins, they’re a great source of energy.


2. Water



There’s nothing like knocking back a glass of ice-cold water to wake you up. Plus, it’s great for your skin.


3. Move It!


If you find yourself nodding off at your desk, walk it off. A good stroll around the office will help wake you up. Some light stretches at your desk won’t hurt, either.


4. Bathing Beauty


By the time you get home, a nice, relaxing bath and a glass of warm milk before bedtime might help you doze off nicely.


5. Unwind


Sometimes, your brain needs help to become tired. Getting into a relaxing bedtime ritual could go a long way to sending you to the Land of Nod in a timely manner. Try reading or any other low-energy activity for an hour before bedtime and away from bright lights. (This means avoiding the latest episode of Game Of Thrones and your phone.)


6. Bedtime Appointment


Try sticking to the same sleep and waking schedule, even on weekends. It will help regulate your body’s clock, ensuring you fall asleep when you need to and sleep throughout the night.

How do you ensure a good night's sleep? Share below!