Secret Saviours Testimonial: Britt’s Story

Find out how Britt put her stretch mark worries to rest


Meet Britt. When it comes to stretch marks, she knows all about the various “lotions and potions” claiming to banish them. But she found the real deal with Secret Saviours. Don’t believe us? Read on…

“Once I knew my pregnancy was going well and the baby was fine, I then started to have concerns about what would happen to my body,” says Britt of getting stretch marks.

“When I was younger, I was prone to getting stretch marks as I went through puberty. So it was definitely a concern of mine.”

Britt started using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack and wearing the support band when she was six weeks pregnant. “From the minute I wore it, I just felt comfortable. Using the cream at night was fantastic. The smell was amazing. It was something that really relaxed me. And as my pregnancy progressed, I found the band really supported me around my back.”

Being pregnant during the summer, Britt was worried that wearing the band would be uncomfortable. “I was quite concerned that it was going to be hot and sweaty, but actually, I found it was really comfortable, really light.”

Ultimately, Britt says our Anti Stretch Mark Pack “surpassed all [her] expectations”.

Watch Britt’s video above for the full story. And click here to get your own Anti Stretch Mark Pack.