The Surrey Park Clinic Now Stocks Secret Saviours!

Have a scan and say goodbye to stretch marks on the same day

lady wearing secret saviours stretch mark prevention band

If you’ve not heard about The Surrey Park Clinic, where have you been?! This wonderful clinic specialises in female health and gynaecology, offering a personal, professional and private service in a comfortable environment.

Based within the Surrey Research Park, Guildford, it’s the only clinic in the country that provides pregnancy screenings without a doctor’s referral. The NHS will offer you at least two scans during your pregnancy but many women have opted for additional screenings for reassurance or just to have a closer look at their little one. Scans are available up to 40 weeks.

Once you call them to book a screening, you could even be seen on the same day, subject to availability! So you can stop by for your 2D scan and pick up Secret Saviours’ Anti Stretch Mark Pack on your way out!

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