7 Ways Your Life Will Change When Baby Arrives

Having your first child is a MASSIVE life changing experience. When you become a parent, particularly for the first time, there will be days when you look at your ‘old life’ and feel like you don’t recognise anything at all. 

Of course you’ll have heard the horror stories about postpartum hair loss, lack of sleep, zero quality time with your partner, but that’s not what I want to tell you about today. I want to let you in on a little secret. There’s a silver lining to a lot of these changes.


  • You know those invites you positively groan about receiving? I’m talking about the ones to a dinner with 19 friends who are never free on the same date. There’s not a single preferred cuisine between them, someone’s always on a diet and at least 4 will cancel at the last minute. *whispers* You don’t have to go anymore! Your little bundle of joy is your get out of jail free card.


  • Even on the worst day there is a tiny, amazing, person who YOU created and who loves you unconditionally.


  • Food shopping is suddenly really rather fun, in fact it’s a bit of an outing. Unless you are already the proud owner of a toddler, in which case get it delivered.


  • As the advocate for your tiny human you’ll gradually discover a new-found confidence. Something about being a mum awakens this protective assertiveness. You’ll no longer feel awkward about speaking out or making a fuss when your little one needs a Drs appointment. Don't mess with Mama Bear!


  • You don’t have to justify to anyone why you’re still in your pyjamas at 1pm - in fact you should invest in as many comfy pairs as you like! Or yoga trousers....because that is getting dressed, ok?


  • You’ll become a time-bending ninja. During the average nap time you’ll be able to; guzzle your lunch, reheat and drink your cup of coffee, switch the laundry over, check your social media, coo over the morning's photos of baba and clear away the devastation from the morning's playtime. What on earth did you do with all your time pre-baby? You’re so productive now!


  • You will find an inner strength you never knew you had. You have the power to keep going on fumes no matter what. Bending over backwards to get it done. You rule mama, even with sick in your hair you are winning 24/7

So, were you expecting any of these? Let us know what you think will change!

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