Top 5 Pregnancy Superfoods

From energy boosters to nutrition tips – we’ve got you covered


Grab your shopping list – you forgot to add these!

Want skin to make your own newborn envious? Need eyesight as sharp as an eagle’s? Keen to keep the kilos off? Strawberries are the answer. While these juicy things promote pre-natal health (that fabulous folic acid), their vitamin C content makes them great for keeping wrinkles at bay and boosting the immune system.


Tofu won’t be the underdog of the supermarket for long. For all the vegetarians out there (and those who want to cut back on their meat intake), this is an excellent source of protein, iron, calcium and magnesium as well as vitamin A (the Wonder Woman to infections) and vitamin K (good for bones).


Fortified with beloved folic acid as well as iron (an essential mineral that helps produce red blood cells) and zinc (protects the immune system), whole grains are a great way to eat vital nutrients and fibre. Enjoy them in the form of an oatmeal breakfast, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and quinoa.


When it comes to pregnancy, consider the dried apricot your new BFF. These little gems contain folic acid (AKA vitamin B5, AKA massively important for the healthy development of the foetus), potassium (invaluable for functioning organs), calcium (great for ‘them dry bones’ as well as the heart, muscles and nerves) and magnesium (maintains normal blood pressure). Just a handful provides 10% of your recommended daily iron intake.


Brimming with calcium, magnesium and folic acid, broccoli is invaluable when it comes to bone development. Try steaming them rather than boiling to preserve the nutrients. Goes down well in a stir fry or pasta dish.