Pregnancy Life Hacks

Wish you could do the dishes in record time? Too tired to mop the floors? Today’s your lucky day

The closer you get to your due date, the more difficult simple household chores become. That’s why we’re quite excited about this post from BuzzFeed listing “29 things that will basically clean for you”.

We think the first item on their list is in the perfect position. Evriholder’s Cutlery Cleaner (£4.99, Amazon) cleans your cutlery in two swift moves. We’re not lazy, we’re efficient…

Then there’s Bruno, possibly the smartest bin in the world. The lid has a hands-free motion sensor so you don’t have to touch it. Germaphobes rejoice! Plus it’s Wi-Fi connected to remind you when you’re running out of bags. And you can even sweep dirt beneath it where a little vacuum awaits to clean it up. Brilliant!

You can even keep stylish around the house (kind of) in the Slipper Genie (£7.99, Amazon) with their microfibre detachable soles that collect dirt, dust and hair like a magnet!

And we can’t leave out the $300 toothbrush. It’s a custom 3D-printed toothbrush that cleans your teeth in six seconds. Unbelievable.

Check out the full article by clicking here.

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