April = Stress Awareness Month!

In honour of this special month, we’re giving you some great tips to stay stress-free!


That’s right! April is Stress Awareness Month. The month has been recognised in America since 1992. Usually, healthcare professionals throughout the US use the 30-day period to increase awareness on the common ailment.

While Secret Saviours Towers might be based in the UK, there’s no reason why we can’t benefit from this important time, too. So here are a few pregnancy-focused suggestions to get you from stressed to blessed!


Sleep Well


All pregnancy and no sleep makes mum-to-be want to pull her hair out. Get into a nightly routine and stick to it to achieve your seven to eight hours of sleep. Click here to see our post about getting a better night’s sleep.


Eat Well


Your diet is such an important factor in your mood and stress levels. Eating the right thing will certainly give you a head start in the battle against stress. Check out our post on superfoods by clicking here.


Keep Fit


Being active also works wonders at keeping your spirits up and keeping stress at bay. No one said anything about training for a marathon so don’t panic! Perhaps start light if fitness isn’t your thing. We’d highly recommend the NHS’s Couch To 5K app, which guides you through a series of workouts.




Another form of exercising, pilates has the added bonus of preparing your body for childbirth. Plus you get to play with those giant balls. What’s not to like?!




Pilates’ cousin, yoga is an amazing practice for regulating stress and teaching you how to keep calm. And it’s totally safe for your bump! Just sign up to pregnancy classes for a tailored session for you and your baby.


Talk About It


If you’re unhappy, don’t just put on a brave face. Try talking to your GP, health visitor or midwife about how you’re feeling and they’ll have an arsenal of advice to help you. If you’ve had your baby, click here to find out a bit about postnatal depression.

What do you do to alleviate stress? Let other mums-to-be below!