10 Pregnancy Apps

For iPhones and Androids


We love an app these days, but how do you pick the right one for your pregnancy? Easy! Let us help! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pregnancy apps that you can download today. Covering everything from the progress of your baby to nutritional advice for you, you’re sure to find the best app to meet your needs.

Android Apps

I’m Expectingtracks the day-to-day happenings of you and your little one. Use the app’s progress bar to count down to your baby’s due date; and communicate with other mums-to-be through the app’s forums.


For lots of useful information in one place, check out I’m Pregnant. Find out how to eat healthily during your pregnancy or use the app’s counter to monitor the number of baby’s kicks and track your mood, energy and even your appetite.


Nutrition & Food For Pregnancydoes exactly as it suggests. Find out the full story behind food, including their specific nutritional value and vitamin content. You can also try out various recipes.


The Pregnancy ++app is approved by NHS Choices and includes baby size guides, a kick counter, diet info, a doctor appointment log and thousands of baby names to choose from!


Be the coolest DJ on the planet with Pregnancy Music. Loaded with classical music, you can play it to your bump and possibly help nurture a more intelligent child – according to some reports. At the very least, you’ll certainly feel calmer.


iPhone Apps

Let your creative spirit run free with this expressive Baby Picsapp. Upgrade your pregnancy selfies with a personal touch, adding gorgeously crafted artwork and personalised text.


My Baby’s Beatis about as addictive as apps come. Use your iPhone to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and monitor their kicks and movements. You can even record sounds and share them with your loved ones. Spread the “Ahhhh!”


Not only can you track your pregnancy progress with the My Pregnancy & Baby Todayapp, you can also find out what’s to come and learn tips on how to cope. This is another pregnancy app approved by NHS Choices.


Get organised with the WebMD Pregnancyapp. Offering trusted health information, there’s advice for almost every eventuality in pregnancy. You can create checklists with reminders, learn some great questions to ask your doctor and keep track of key milestones.


What To Expectwill guide you through your pregnancy up to the hour! The app will send you information tailored to you based on your due date. Advice continues post-pregnancy with tips to help you navigate through the early stages of parenthood.


Which pregnancy apps are you loving right now? Let us know below.

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